With professional and knowledgeable staff, we provide efficient and affordable services to all our clients.

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With professional and knowledgeable staff, we provide efficient and affordable services to all our clients.

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With professional and knowledgeable staff, we provide efficient and affordable services to all our clients.

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Gutter Cleaning &

Exterior Maintenance Experts

For over 50 years, North Shore Home Services has been reviving homes and commercial buildings with gutter repair and cleaning  in the Metro Vancouver area.

As a past winner of HomeStar’s coveted ‘Best Of’ Vancouver Awards‘ (in the Gutters & Eavestroughs category) we’ve discovered exactly what it takes to solve whatever gutter problems you’re facing

North Shore Home Services offers a complete menu of building cleaning and installation services. Our gutter cleaning and gutter repair services help extend the life of your gutter system which is a must in Vancouver! While on site, we can also steam clean your roof, remove the moss, algae growth, and spray an eco-friendly growth inhibitor on it.

We offer complete power washing or steam cleaning on most surfaces such as driveways, walkways, patios, decking, and siding. We can hand clean your windows inside and out for a sparkling finish.

Our qualified technicians provide you an assessment of your home’s exterior, consisting of ways to prevent future moss growth, removing gutter clogging areas, and other exterior damage.

Gutter Installation and Repairs: Done Right, GuaranteedShell Busey

With the harsh rain in Metro Vancouver areas, it may be time to think about replacing your gutter system, or upgrade your current gutter to a sturdy leafguard screen.  We will only recommend the best manufacturers and we guarantee every gutter and downpipe or gutter leafguard screening installation.

If you have any questions about home maintenance or exterior home care in general, don’t hesitate to contact us at:

North Shore Home Services
(604) 988-5294

North Shore Home Services provides complete solutions to ensure that the exterior of your home or office is clean and well maintained. Whether it is a new construction or a renovation, we provide complete gutter, soffit, and siding installation services throughout the North Shore.

We’re also happy to travel all the way north to Squamish, and west to the Sunshine Coast, from Gibsons to Sechelt!

A Complete Gutter Diagnosis

As part of our complete exterior home care service, our experts take the time to examine everything before commencing work. We’ll look at the exterior of your home, office, strata building or other commercial property to determine the most effective gutter, siding, or soffit needed. First, we’ll consider the design and material of the building before recommending the optimal gutter or soffit solution for installation.

We pride ourselves on giving you an accurate estimate of the entire job, while providing you a timeline for completion. We always ensure the work is completed within this time.

Building Cleaning Services

Building & Window Cleaning Services

Our technicians rejuvenate your home’s exterior by steam cleaning or soft washing top to bottom, removing the moss and debris from your roof, power washing the dirty spots outside. Then, it’s all finished off with hand cleaning and polishing of all the windows.   


Gutter Installation Service

Gutter Services

Our gutter installation service trucks can do minor gutter repairs like: reseal leaky corners, reslope standing water issues, and reattach loose downpipes and sections of gutters. Our gutter cleaning crew ensures your rainwater system works properly, washes away discolouration, and air blows your roof before cleaning.


Cleaning Special Offers

Last Minute Specials

At certain times of the year, we lower our prices. View our off-season special. Sign up for our newsletter here for last minute specials, and receive interesting tidbits on your home maintenance and improvements ideas. All discounts are limited-time offers, so catch them while you can.

NSHS Videos


Want to know how we clean those high gutters and windows?  These videos highlight our professional team and showcase their skills and the safety methods we use.  See how we power wash, clean windows, and clean gutters. You get the inside look at our seamless gutter installations as well.




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