Exterior Accents to Consider for Your Home


When you decide to remodel your home, you may be thinking exclusively of the interior. It is, after all, what you see every day and what most influences your enjoyment of your home. However, the exterior of your home could have an even bigger impact on your home’s value. The exterior features of your home contribute to its curb appeal, which can make a better first impression to speed its sale and command more. (more…)

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How to Perform Maintenance on Gutters and Windows

Gutter maintenance

Certain times of the year are better for outdoor home maintenance. During these times, you should get reacquainted with your gutters. Especially after a difficult winter, it’s important to check your gutters as soon as you can. During the colder times of the year when you can’t do outdoor maintenance, you can always check the condition of your windows. Understanding how to perform checkups and necessary repairs can save you plenty of money on replacements.


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Protecting Your Home with Weatherproofing


The process of weatherproofing protects your home both inside and out. According to Ace Hardware, you could have gaps in your home even if you think it’s currently covered. This allows both cold and hot air to get into your house. For the homeowner, this means that you’ll end up blasting your heater far more than necessary to keep all of the chills out of your home and yet you might still feel cold anyway. In the summer, you’ll end up cranking the air conditioner because it will always feel warm. Not only will your energy bills increase, but these gaps act as the perfect entry for small animals and insects to invade your space. (more…)

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Tips for Painting Your Home’s Exterior


Painting your home’s exterior is not quite the same as painting a room within your home. First of all, everyone is going to see the paintjob. It’s also going to be exposed to weather elements and an outdoor environment. Therefore, you need to pick a brand of paint that can handle those conditions without chipping or cracking. You’ll also want paint that can handle bright sunlight without fading or yellowing. (more…)

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