Beautiful Exteriors: How to Pick a Color Scheme for Your Home


When you are down to the finishing touches of your new home or your house remodelling project, you are probably looking for every possible way to make those last few expenses a bit less painful. We all tend to run short on budget by the time a project is nearing its end and realize we need to compromise with the initial grand plans regarding design.

When it comes to color, however, a lot of people make the mistake of simply assuming that an extravagant exterior color scheme will cost a fortune, so they “scale back” to an unimaginative palette or just go with plain old white. In truth, budget should not be your leading motivation when choosing the right color scheme for your exterior, since picking a few shades or even contrasting colors would come up to the same total expense as purchasing a single hue paint.

There are a few ways to escape the routine and add glamor to your home exterior that don’t involve painting your house in electric orange just to stand out or choosing a different color for every element to achieve an unflattering carnival mask effect.


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Proper Maintenance for Your Hardwood Floors


Hardwood floors can make any room in your home look more beautiful and more luxurious. Hardwood floors are a popular option because of the look they create and the relative ease of maintaining them.

You won’t have to scour hardwood floors the way you would tile and grout, and you won’t have to shampoo hardwood floors every year or so the way you would carpet. Though maintenance might be easier for hardwood floors, it is also more specific. Despite their name, hardwood floors are not actually that hard, and they can be easily damaged by foot traffic, furniture and spills.

Here are a few things you need to do to properly maintain your hardwood floors:


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The Many Kinds of Soffits: The Best Option for Your Home



Soffits are not always the sections of the house that attract the most attention, but that is no excuse to have the wrong ones in your home, or not take good care of them. You will find soffits at the section joining the roof with the top part of the wall, and having the right kind to suit your home gives the home a beautiful and professional appeal. With the right type of soffits in your home, you will only need to check for wearing down once or twice a year.

A professional repair or replacement job is ideal in case the soffits seem to be giving in to harsh weather elements, because any other quick fix will not give you the best results. Furthermore, with the different types of soffits in the market, a professional is in the best position to show you the best materials, the best repair or replacement methods, and the best deals in terms of purchases. Therefore, if you are in need of Soffits information, repairs, or even replacement services, go for a professional.


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Maintaining the Health of Your Wood-Shingle Roof


Throughout its life, a wood-shingle roof comes under attack from things such as sunlight, wind, rain, fungi, etc.  A roof covered in debris only complicates the problem.  Fortunately, a homeowner can do something about it.  Roofs can wear down in as little as ten years—but with simple maintenance, you can prolong the health of your wood-shingle roof for a few decades.  To do this, a you must understand what a roof is going through.


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5 Easy and Cheap Projects for Winterizing Your Home


Winter rarely waits for us to clean out the gutters, insulate the windows or seal out the drafts, especially if we have put these small but critical tasks off till the last moment. It is easy to get caught in the everyday hustle and postpone the home maintenance only to find yourself wishing you could turn back time when a leak makes its way into your living room or a heavy draft from your furnace ruins the holiday spirit. (more…)

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