Important Facts about Ice Dams and How to Prevent This Roofing Problem


Wintertime signals the start of many problems that homeowners may have to contend with. One of these is the formation of ice dams.

An ice dam begins forming when ice and snow start to accumulate on rooftops. After freezing into a solid mass, the ice dam allows melted water to gather behind it. This water will in turn trickle down roof shingles and into the house, causing excessive damage to ceilings, walls and floors.

Moreover, ice dams also contribute to house damage due to their weight. They put pressure on gutters and downspouts, causing them to move away from the house along with the accompanying fascia boards.  Other serious problems caused by ice dams are cracked plaster ceilings, mildewed walls, peeling paint, damp carpets and buckled wood floors. Minor issues created by ice dams and the accompanying water damage are wet insulation, rusted joists and formation of mold. Ice dam prevention is therefore essential so as to avoid further damage and extensive repair costs.


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Eco-Friendly Options for Keeping Your Home’s Exterior Looking Great


Your home’s exterior has a big impact on its curb appeal and its overall value. Keeping your home’s exterior clean and in good shape is one of the best things you can do to protect your investment. However, cleaning and maintaining your exterior can take its toll on the environment over time. Paints, sealants and cleaners all have harsh chemicals that can leach into the soil and the water supply.

Options are available to help you home look great without damaging the environment. Here are a few eco-friendly choices you can make:


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6 Things You Should Never Do When Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior

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Regularly cleaning your home’s exterior can improve its look and protect the structure from the damaging effects of pollen, mold, moss and other debris that can accumulate on your siding, roof, walkways, and more. You’ll not only protect the safety of your family, but you’ll also protect the investment in your home. You can even increase the value of your property by increasing your home’s curb appeal.

Cleaning your home’s exterior is not as easy as cleaning the interior. You need to use the right cleaners and the right tools, or else you’ll end up causing a bigger problem. Here are six things you should never do to clean your home’s exterior:


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Why Duct Cleaning is Important to Your Home


Have you noticed that your furniture starts to get dusty almost as soon as you’ve cleaned it? Or does your heating system appear to be working a little harder than usual, even though it’s not colder outside? It may be time to have your duct system cleaned.

The duct system connects your heating and cooling unit to vents throughout your home. They are responsible for ensuring the proper delivery of warm and cool air to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, while also helping it to conserve energy.

Over time, your duct system can get dirty. It can become full of dust and debris, which can attract mites and other allergens. If you have pets, the hair can also accumulate inside the ducts. Rodents or insects can also get inside your duct system. It is important that you hire a professional to clean your duct system periodically to keep it healthy and performing at its best.

Here are a few reasons why duct cleaning is important to your home:


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