Common gutter repairs



You gutters are an important part of your home but if ignored and left without proper maintenance for too long they can get into bad shape. Warning signs are missed and then problems grow in scope and scale. One day you look up and your gutter is sagging and no longer attached to your home. Despite the age old belief that duct tape can fix anything sometimes a more serious approach is needed.

Gutters can also wear out with age and parts will need to be replaced. If you keep a good eye on them then you can plan and follow wear.

Your gutters are an important part of your home. They move water away from your walls and foundation keeping them dry. If your gutters are damaged or falling apart they are no longer doing their job and your home probably has some drainage problems. Fixing your gutters now and creating a regular maintenance schedule in the future will keep your gutters moving water away from your home.

Here are some of the most common types of gutter repairs: (more…)

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How to prevent and deal with an exterior graffiti problem


As a building owner keeping the exterior looking good and in nice condition is an important part of maintenance and retaining value. It’s also an important part of how you are perceived by neighbours, people walking by, and the community in general.

If there is a problem with graffiti appearing on your property it makes you look bad and can cause additional damage to your property. There are a number of strategies you can adopt to help keep graffitists away. (more…)

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How rain chains can benefit your home


In wet and rainy places like Vancouver rain chains are becoming increasingly popular. They are a great addition to any drainage system and have the advantage of being beautiful. In climates with a lot of rain they can be a great addition when paired with traditional downspouts. The chains can also sound quite nice because they make waterfall like sounds as water winds down them. (more…)

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The Top Reasons Homeowners are Choosing Rain Chains


Rain chains are great features to have in homes today, owing to their beauty and functionality. Rain chains are in the market to replace the gutter downspouts, which are the traditional ways of getting water from the gutters to the ground. Rain chains are great in homes with modern architectural designs though designs look great even in cabins and other traditional looking homes. These chains work perfectly both with heavy rains as well as in a light drizzle and because the water is visible, they look beautiful.

The cups in the design of the rain chains add on to the efficiency and performance of the chains because their bottoms, which are open, act as funnels and focus water beautifully to the drains. Although the splashing involved here is minimal, here are the top reasons why these chains are worth having in any home:   (more…)

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