Out-Of-The-Box Cleaning Tips, Part 3


In the second part of this series, we looked at ironing your pants in a jiffy with a tennis ball, repurposing newspapers as dusters, cleaning vases with gravel, removing coffee stains from your favourite mug with a salted lemon peel, cleaning your BBQ grill with a little baking soda and of course, cleaning your garbage disposal with, what else, lemon.

So if you thought the ideas were finished, think again. There are plenty more ideas and we love to share them. Here are a few more tips to keep you going with your spring cleaning. (more…)

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Out-Of-The-Box Cleaning Tips, Part 2


In the first part of this series, we looked at the wonders of scrubbing a counter with lemons, using your blow dryer to dust off your chandelier, using newspapers to get a streak-free shine on glass and mirrors, and using tennis balls to fluff your pillows.

We’ve come up with a new list of innovative ways to use everyday household items to clean around your home. (more…)

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Why Maintaining Your Vancouver Area Home Is Worth The Money


Owning a home isn’t just about reaping the benefits. Though there are quite a few benefits. It’s important to maintain your home. Here in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, we are faced with the highest property prices in Canada. So if you’re able to afford a home, you should be able to afford the maintenance and upkeep involved to keep your home at its best. Failing to do so can seriously devalue your home and you could end up losing money when you’re ready to sell, upgrade or downsize in the future.

Homeownership means taking care of your home regularly, that includes maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and fix-it jobs required every so often. While some projects can be done with a couple hundred dollars and a quick trip to the big box stores, other projects require professionals and a larger budget.

Think of things like changing your roof or your windows in older homes, replacing walls and joists that have mold build-up inside, compared to a quick coat of paint, reseeding your lawn, or even changing the hardware on your front door. The more ‘on top of’ home maintenance you are, the better off you’ll be in the long run. (more…)

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Composting


Living near the ocean and mountains and forests, Vancouverites are probably more environmentally conscious then others. Recycling has become second nature to most of us by now, however composting is another great way to ensure everyday waste is used for good, rather then leaving it to fill up the landfills further. (more…)

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9 Ways to Update Your Home’s Curb Appeal With These Easy Tips


Addressing the issue of your home’s curb appeal is a big one, especially when you’re thinking about selling or renting your home. You want to make sure the exterior is as inviting as the interior and that your house isn’t the sore spot of the neighbourhood. After all, curb appeal does affects home prices in your community.

Here are a few simple ideas to dress up the outside of your home. Some can be done in an afternoon, while others may take a little more time. Regardless, they will all help add value to your home, and in the end, you might not want to leave. (more…)

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