Fascia explained


In medicine fascia refers to connective tissue. Unlike ligaments and tendons they surround muscle groups instead of connecting them. When it comes to your home fascia plays a similar role. It is an important part of the drainage structures of the exterior of a building that include soffit, eaves and your gutters. (more…)

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How to paint over old lead paint


If you live in an older home chances are there is still some old lead paint somewhere on your walls. The layers of paint may have been covered over but are there lurking below the surface. If you take the proper steps and are careful in dealing with old paint no problems should arise. It is easy to avoid issues with lead poisoning caused by dust from painting.

Lead poisoning results from having too much of lead in your body. It can affect your heart, bones, intestines, kidneys and nervous system. Effects are particularly bad in children. The symptoms of lead poisoning include confusion, abdominal pain, anemia, headache, infertility and irritability. If left untreated lead poisoning can cause seizures, coma and death.

At one time lead was commonly used in gasoline and paint. Vehicle fuel is now unleaded. Lead is still added to the fuel used in airplanes. Historically many painters including Caravaggio and Goya likely experienced lead poisoning from the paints they used. In Canada regulations were passed on lead in paint in the ’90s. Modern paints will not contain lead.

You should not be afraid to paint over old lead paint. In fact covering over lead paint to seal it in a great way of preventing lead exposure. However, you should be aware of certain precautions and steps that need to be taken when dealing with lead paint. (more…)

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Gardening In Accordance With Vancouver’s Green Streets Programs


Did you know that the City of Vancouver has a program called “Green Streets” which provides residents beautifying guidelines for the green space near their homes?

Most homes have a patch of grass that lies between the sidewalk adjacent to your home and the street curb. This space is called the boulevard. And although it’s normally planted with grass by the city, residents are encouraged to add some character to their neighbourhoods by planting flowers and plants. (more…)

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The Effects of Salt Water On Your Home’s Exterior


Living by the coast has its benefits. Proximity to the Pacific Ocean, cool summer breezes, and much more. However, living by the Ocean has its downside as well and can take a toll on the exterior of your home. If you’re looking to maintain your home’s exterior yourself, be sure to take these tips into consideration. And if you’re looking to hire a professional to paint your home or do the upkeep for you, make sure you vet them thoroughly to see that they know what they’re doing. (more…)

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