Tips for keeping your home cool if you don’t have AC


Most of the year it doesn’t matter if you have air conditioning, especially in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland where the weather is pretty consistent and mild. During the summer and heat waves many people living in homes and apartments without AC are wishing they had it. If you don’t there are still lots of good ways to keep cool and beat the heat.

There are lots of reasons that you may not have an air conditioner installed where you live or work. It might be your landlord’s responsibility and you have no control over it. You might live in an older building. AC might seem like an unnecessary luxury. Others opt out of it to save on money and reduce their energy footprint. While you may be wishing for an easy way to fill your space with bursts of cold air you don’t have to suffer all summer. People have been keeping cool without AC for centuries and you can too.

Here are some easy things to do to keep cool without air conditioning. (more…)

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Low water usage yard landscape design


With dry hot summer weather comes wilting grass and plants. If necessary during droughts cities throughout Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland introduce watering bans. Recently water levels in reservoirs have been dropping and more and more places are either banning residents from watering their lawns and yards or calling on residents to limit their water use.

During watering restrictions and generally when planning your landscape design you can make a number of strategic choices that reduce the amount of water your yard needs to look its best. This means when there is no drought you’ll spend less time worrying about watering. During a drought a watering ban will have less of an impact on you and how good your yard looks.

Here are some tips on how to landscape your yard for water efficiency. (more…)

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9 Home maintenance tips for first time homebuyers


Buying your first home is a really exciting experience but it can also be overwhelming. There are many new responsibilities and things you need to figure out how to do. You have a new home to take care of and keep in good shape.

Fortunately home maintenance can be easy and is more straightforward than you think. Consistently doing some simple things will keep your home in working order. These basic routine cleaning and upkeep steps should become a habit for any new homeowner. (more…)

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Basic tools you should own


There are certain things that happen as you grow up and become an adult. One of them is you start to acquire certain basic tools. These are the types of things you accumulate for basic home repairs and furniture you need to assemble. If you’ve never done handy work or DIY projects then you probably have a few screwdrivers and Ikea alan keys.

To fill the gaps in your setup here is a list of basic tools you should own. (more…)

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