The King Of Gutter Installation Systems: Alu-Rex or T-Rex

For those of us living in greater Vancouver, we’ve seen first hand how important properly installed gutter screens or guards are. With the sheer volume of rain, these godsends keep debris out of your rainwater system so they don’t clog up.

Alu Rux Gutter Installation And the leader in gutter screening installations is the extra heavy duty strength of T-Rex!  Alurex– as it was originally called– was manufactured by Alurex, and is now marketed under the T-rex brand. It’s a heavy-duty gutter hanger and fastening system that comes in 7 foot sections.

This gutter hanger system has an added bonus:  it comes fully equipped with a screening system that protects your gutters from debris.

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Add Strength and Support To Your Gutter System

Alu-rex’s continuous gutter fastening system drastically outperforms the typical gutter hangers installed every 16-18 inches along the gutters.  Say goodbye to damage  from installing Christmas lights, dents from ladders, or when contractors find themselves up on your roof… without proper standoffs!

Watch the video to the right to see how your gutters are dangerously flawed without the simple addition of the Alu-rex T-Rex system.


Despite it’s rock solid build and ability to deter debris, the Alu-rex 5200 hanger system can only be installed on new 5 inch seamless gutter installations. But make no mistake, it will create a truly long-lasting and hardy drainage system for your home.  The same goes with the Alurex 5300, which is intended to be used with new 6 inch seamless gutter installations.

Now, combine the Alu-rex 40 Year “No-clog” guarantee with North Shore’s industry leading warranties and you’ve got unmatched protection for your home.

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Gutter Systems

With any gutter installation we do, we outfit your gutters with regularly spaced hangers to fasten the gutter to your property.
Get MAXIMUM Protection Today! Contact North Shore Home Services to upgrade with one of the following T-Rex Fastening Systems:

Comparative Chart – 3 fastening systems available

Leaf Guard System For Eavestroughs

For those with eavestroughs already installed, you can now say goodbye to the aggravation of cleaning out your eavestroughs every year. With Alu-Rex’s air-tight defense against leaves, climbing up to your gutters is a thing of the past.

Made of the finest aluminum, the Gutter Clean System™ will never rust and will not deteriorate.

Yes… North Shore Home Services installs the only leaf guard system with a 40-year warranty. Not only will we demonstrate the product and provide a free quote, but we give you peace of mind.

Introducing the one-and-only Gutter Clean System™ made by Alu-Rex. It’s a perforated aluminum sheet that attaches to the top of your eavestroughs, is invisible from the ground, and doesn’t compromise your home’s appeal in any way; you’ll still enjoy the same aesthetics and maintain the integrity of your property.

With the Gutter Clean System™, your gutters are like an impenetrable fortress. Leaves, snow, ice and debris of all kind are ‘stopped at the gate.’ And since snow and ice can’t enter the eavestroughs, there is less weight that needs to be supported. What’s more, this standout product is compatible with any type of eavestrough, and is easily installed in under half a day by our professional gutter team.

Thousands of homeowners throughout the world have been praising Alu-Rex products for years now. Why? Since water will now flow normally inside your eavestroughs all year round, the Gutter Clean System™ can handle nearly 3-times the amount of rainfall that Canada’s wettest province can throw at it! And with its powerful barrier for debris, foreign substances are fought off with unrivaled efficiency.   It’s all thanks to patented Alu-Perf technology by Alu-Rex.

Have you noticed the ugly black lines that have formed on the front of your eavestroughs? How about rusted spikes that attach the eavestrough to your home? Not exactly helpful in increasing your property’s curb appeal.

This is why you need the ingenious design of the Dura-Clean leaf guard. It’s so brilliantly simple, but yet so effective. It easily deflects dripping water and covers any eavestrough spikes before they get rusty. Simply take a look at the ‘Before and After’ pictures to the left.

Hate Mosquitoes? Then you DEFINITELY Need New Gutters

Did you know?   64 of the 74 mosquitoe species actually bite humans and domestic animals. And what do they love more than anything else? Moist environments. They lay their eggs in wet places, and since your eavestroughs are very likely retaining stagnant water due to debris buildup, you’re fully inviting the annoying insects to hang around your home. Clearly, your eavestroughs and entire gutter system impact your everyday comfort and health!

The clear solution is the hassle-free Gutter Clean System™ to ensure your home’s not attracting these aggravating pests.

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