Health & Safety Policy



Safety is an integral part of all activities undertaken by North Shore Home Services. The management of the company is therefore committed to promoting the highest level of safety awareness amongst its employees to ensure that the activities we undertake to deliver our services to our clients exceed their level of expectations.

North Shore Home Services believes that all incidents are preventable. An injury and accident-free work site is our goal. This goal shall be achieved through employees at all levels working proactively to follow companies safety guidelines, and through continuous efforts to improve management of the safety risks associated with our operations.

All employees, including management and site supervisors, are responsible and accountable for the company’s overall safety initiatives. All employees are responsible for obeying each and all of the individual work sites safety rules, following recommended safe work procedures, wearing and using appropriate safety equipment as well as participating in safety training and tool box meetings. All employees are required to inform site supervisors of any unsafe work conditions.

Active participation by everyone, everyday at every job site is necessary for meeting the company’s safety expectations. Those individuals who do not fulfill their safety obligations and responsibilities will become accountable for any unsafe condition their personal negligence creates and may be liable under WorkSafeBC and OHMS regulations.

The safety guidelines of North Shore Home Services follow all pertinent WorkSafeBC and OHMS regulations regarding health and safety at the work place.

By fulfilling our safety responsibilities, North Shore Home Services is creating and protecting our ability to continue to provide exceptional service and outstanding working relations with all our partners in trade.

Fall Protection / Health and Safety Procedures

The North Shore Home Services Project Manager will ensure that all North Shore Home Services employees and sub contractors are using appropriate fall protection procedures as required by WorkSafeBC and OHMS regulations.

Fall protection systems must be implemented at all times when any North Shore Home Services Employee is at risk of a fall of 3 meters (10 Feet) or more above ground or when a fall of lesser height involves an unusual risk of injury.

The North Shore Home Project Manager will be responsible for determining which Fall Protection System will be used following the companies strict Fall Protection Hierarchy.

North Shore Home Services Fall Protection Hierarchy:

  • 1st consideration –Are guard rails Practical?
  • 2nd consideration – Can another Fall Restraint System be used? ( ie toe holds and fall restraint)
  • 3rd consideration –Can a Fall Arrest System be used?
  • 4th consideration – If none of the above systems can be used, do we have a written fall protection procedure acceptable to WorkSafeBC in place?

The North Shore Home Services Project Manager is also responsible for the implementation of Safety and Protective equipment on all employees and machinery used on any and all job sites.

The North Shore Home Services Project Manager will also be responsible for following standard emergency response plans in coordination with each individual company’s Site Safety Officer.

Prior to commencing work at any work site, the North Shore Home Services Project Manager is required to do a thorough Hazard and Health and Safety Checklist provided by North Shore Home Services Management Team.

Written Fall Protection Guidelines

Identify ALL POTENTIAL and ANTICIPATED hazards during the course of the project.

Describe the method of access to the work area.

Describe the methods of handling tools and equipment used on the elevated surfaces.

Establish procedures for inspecting fall protection equipment.

Identify tasks and applications which require fall Protection Equipment.

Match Tasks and applications to appropriate Fall Protection Equipment.

Describe the assembly, disassembly and maintenance of the Fall Protection Equipment.

Describe the procedures for handling, storing  and securing Fall Protection Equipment.

Describe all applicable methods of securing lanyards, lines and ropes.

Identify anchor locations.

Identify all areas for potential overhead and/or power line hazards.

List the employees on site that have been trained to use safety equipment and First Aid.

Describe the rescue plan and medical treatment plan if a fall occurs.

List emergency numbers and on site Safety Officer’s contact information.

Review the written Fall Protection Plan with all North Shore Home Services Employees on site BEFORE beginning work.

Emergency Response Plan

North Shore Home Services Project manager will use the following Emergency Response Plan unless otherwise directed by the Site Safety Officer.

  • Personal InjuryHJh : Upon notification of any injury, the project manager will assess the nature of the injury. If the injury is in the area of any equipment or machinery the equipment or machinery will be shut down to eliminate equipment running hazards. Equipment will remain shut down until the on Site Safety Officer authorizes work to proceed. The Project Manager will determine the extent of personal injury and if the injury or loss of the injured is not severe and does not affect the performance of site personnel, operations may proceed. If the result of the injury is severe Emergency First aid will be contacted and 911 will be called immediately.
  •  Fall: In the event of any fall or related incident, Emergency First aid will be contacted immediately. All equipment will be shut down and all work will be stopped. All efforts will be made free the individual from harm or restraint unless otherwise directed by the site Safety Officer. Emergency Personnel will be contacted immediately.
  •  Fire/Explosion: In the event of a fire or explosion the Project Manager will call 911 immediately and all employees will be immediately evacuated to a safe distance from the involved area and wait for emergency personnel.
  •  Personal Protective Equipment Failure:  If any employee experiences a failure or alteration to their personal fall protection or any personal equipment affecting that employee’s safety, he or she must stop work immediately and proceed to a safe zone. The effected equipment must be repaired or replaced before any further work commences.

 In all on site emergency situations, work shall not proceed until:

  • The conditions resulting in the emergency have been corrected.
  • The work place hazards have be reassessed.
  • The Hazard and Health and Safety plan has been reviewed.
  • Employees and others involved have been briefed on any changes made to the Hazard and Health and Safety Plan.
  • The North Shore Home Services Project Manager and Site Safety Officer have come to agreement that work shall proceed.

Employee Requirements

Upon employment with North Shore Home Services each individual is required to undergo a ladder Safety and Fall Protection Training Orientation which includes 2 separate video presentations, a Fall Restraint and Fall Arrest Equipment orientation and follow up Accident Prevention Quiz.

Each Employee is required to follow all WorkSafeBC and OHMS Safety Regulations and is required in every applicable work place to ensure he or she are under compliance with both WorkSafeBC and individual site procedures required by law.

North Shore Home Services Provides “TOOL BOX MEETINGS” at the shop every Thursday morning to brief all employees on safe work place practice and any updates and/ or changes made to any regulations on site. North Shore Home Services provides in house information regarding safety issues as well as outsources additional information through an accredited safety consulting firm, SSC, which provides weekly updates and information packages to review at our full attendance meetings. Any employee who misses a “tool box meeting” will be briefed upon their return of employment.


North Shore Home Services and all of its employees provide complete compliance of all safety requirements in regards to themselves and others at the work place. All efforts are made through coordination of management and the team work of employees to ensure work place safety, rules and regulations are followed at all times. In an effort to grow as partners and colleagues, we continue to exceed safety expectations for a common goal amongst us all: complete work place safety and an accident and injury free environment.