An Introduction to Gentek Gutters


Gutters are such an important part of your home that you shouldn’t risk your investment on just any brand. By investing in the best you can afford, you ensure long-term, reliable performance from your gutters, keeping your home safe from water damage and the ill effects from composting debris and pest infestation.

Gentek is one of the top manufacturers of home-building goods on the market. The company specializes in vinyl, aluminum and steel siding, soffits and fascia, but it also makes entry, patio and storm doors, wood and specialty siding, decorative trim, shutters, columns, gable vents, insulation, mounts, tools, sealants and fasteners. It also creates a range of storm water management products, including gutters, downspouts, elbows, miters, end caps, pipe straps, gutter coils, and gutter guards.

Gentek has a reputation for creating high-quality products that stand the test of time. Their products all come with a warranty, but your purchase will likely last long after the warranty has expired. When you invest in Gentek, you can feel confident that your money will stretch long into the future.

Range of Accessories

When you buy Gentek gutters, you don’t just get the gutters. You can get a complete rain ware system if that’s what you need. You can buy all the sealants, fasteners and accessories that are required to install the gutters. Since all the accessories are also made by Gentek, you can feel confident in the quality of each part, knowing that there is no weakness in the system.

You can also buy a gutter guard system that is specially suited for gutters. The mesh guards snap into the top of the gutters, preventing leaves, pine needles, acorns and other debris from falling into your gutters and creating blockages that prevent the free flow of water. The gutter guards ensure that your gutters are free to do their job without you having to constantly climb a ladder and scoop out handfuls of muddy slop. You’ll save time, protect your gutters and your home, and increase the value of your home.

Range of Colors

Gutters come in a standard white or, if you’re lucky, an off-white. Gentek gutters come in a wide variety of colors so that you can match them to your home or create a complementary look. The colors include: bright white, white, linen, sandstone, antique, almond, wicker, pebble, canyon clay, brownstone, norwood, thistle, classic brown, terratone, london brown, musket brown, royal brown, venetian red, sage, grecian green, dover gray, charcoal, bronze, and black.

Granted, many of the colors are a variation or white or beige, but the selection still offers more choices than many other gutter brands. Gentek also distinguishes itself by creating gutters with through color. That means that the gutters aren’t covered with paint or a coating that will chip off over time. You’ll never have to worry about the gutters turning colors.

When you hire a building professional to install your Gentek gutters, you might also want to consult with a designer to determine the best color choice to complement your home.

Matching Styles

Most people don’t pay attention to the gutters on a home — and that’s because the gutters have been well-chosen to match the style of the home. Gentek offers a variety of gutter styles so that you can choose a system that complements your siding, whether from Gentek or another manufacturer.

Again, working with a professional designer can help you choose a gutter style that will create the look you want for your home. You may be surprised at how much a difference even subtle changes in the profile of the gutter can make to the overall look of your exterior.

Gentek has been offering quality building products for years, and their gutters and gutter accessories are just a few of the many great products they create. Gentek sells more than 30,000 building products across Canada and the United States, helping homeowners from coast to coast improve the profile and value of their homes.

The Gentek name is so powerful that the company even awards distinctions of excellence to building professionals and other building products that meet its high standards.

Whether you are installing a new roof or are in need of replacing your gutters, it is worth talking with your contractor about Gentek gutters. You’ll be investing in a quality gutter system that will make your home look beautiful while also protecting it for many years to come. With all the benefits that Gentek has to offer, you’ll also be improving the value of your home.

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