9 Home maintenance tips for first time homebuyers


Buying your first home is a really exciting experience but it can also be overwhelming. There are many new responsibilities and things you need to figure out how to do. You have a new home to take care of and keep in good shape.

Fortunately home maintenance can be easy and is more straightforward than you think. Consistently doing some simple things will keep your home in working order. These basic routine cleaning and upkeep steps should become a habit for any new homeowner.

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Basic tools you should own


There are certain things that happen as you grow up and become an adult. One of them is you start to acquire certain basic tools. These are the types of things you accumulate for basic home repairs and furniture you need to assemble. If you’ve never done handy work or DIY projects then you probably have a few screwdrivers and Ikea alan keys.

To fill the gaps in your setup here is a list of basic tools you should own.

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Fascia explained


In medicine fascia refers to connective tissue. Unlike ligaments and tendons they surround muscle groups instead of connecting them. When it comes to your home fascia plays a similar role. It is an important part of the drainage structures of the exterior of a building that include soffit, eaves and your gutters.

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How to paint over old lead paint


If you live in an older home chances are there is still some old lead paint somewhere on your walls. The layers of paint may have been covered over but are there lurking below the surface. If you take the proper steps and are careful in dealing with old paint no problems should arise. It is easy to avoid issues with lead poisoning caused by dust from painting.

Lead poisoning results from having too much of lead in your body. It can affect your heart, bones, intestines, kidneys and nervous system. Effects are particularly bad in children. The symptoms of lead poisoning include confusion, abdominal pain, anemia, headache, infertility and irritability. If left untreated lead poisoning can cause seizures, coma and death.

At one time lead was commonly used in gasoline and paint. Vehicle fuel is now unleaded. Lead is still added to the fuel used in airplanes. Historically many painters including Caravaggio and Goya likely experienced lead poisoning from the paints they used. In Canada regulations were passed on lead in paint in the ’90s. Modern paints will not contain lead.

You should not be afraid to paint over old lead paint. In fact covering over lead paint to seal it in a great way of preventing lead exposure. However, you should be aware of certain precautions and steps that need to be taken when dealing with lead paint.

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Gardening In Accordance With Vancouver’s Green Streets Programs


Did you know that the City of Vancouver has a program called “Green Streets” which provides residents beautifying guidelines for the green space near their homes?

Most homes have a patch of grass that lies between the sidewalk adjacent to your home and the street curb. This space is called the boulevard. And although it’s normally planted with grass by the city, residents are encouraged to add some character to their neighbourhoods by planting flowers and plants.

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The Effects of Salt Water On Your Home’s Exterior


Living by the coast has its benefits. Proximity to the Pacific Ocean, cool summer breezes, and much more. However, living by the Ocean has its downside as well and can take a toll on the exterior of your home. If you’re looking to maintain your home’s exterior yourself, be sure to take these tips into consideration. And if you’re looking to hire a professional to paint your home or do the upkeep for you, make sure you vet them thoroughly to see that they know what they’re doing.

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Out-Of-The-Box Cleaning Tips, Part 3


In the second part of this series, we looked at ironing your pants in a jiffy with a tennis ball, repurposing newspapers as dusters, cleaning vases with gravel, removing coffee stains from your favourite mug with a salted lemon peel, cleaning your BBQ grill with a little baking soda and of course, cleaning your garbage disposal with, what else, lemon.

So if you thought the ideas were finished, think again. There are plenty more ideas and we love to share them. Here are a few more tips to keep you going with your spring cleaning.

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Out-Of-The-Box Cleaning Tips, Part 2


In the first part of this series, we looked at the wonders of scrubbing a counter with lemons, using your blow dryer to dust off your chandelier, using newspapers to get a streak-free shine on glass and mirrors, and using tennis balls to fluff your pillows.

We’ve come up with a new list of innovative ways to use everyday household items to clean around your home.

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Why Maintaining Your Vancouver Area Home Is Worth The Money


Owning a home isn’t just about reaping the benefits. Though there are quite a few benefits. It’s important to maintain your home. Here in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, we are faced with the highest property prices in Canada. So if you’re able to afford a home, you should be able to afford the maintenance and upkeep involved to keep your home at its best. Failing to do so can seriously devalue your home and you could end up losing money when you’re ready to sell, upgrade or downsize in the future.

Homeownership means taking care of your home regularly, that includes maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and fix-it jobs required every so often. While some projects can be done with a couple hundred dollars and a quick trip to the big box stores, other projects require professionals and a larger budget.

Think of things like changing your roof or your windows in older homes, replacing walls and joists that have mold build-up inside, compared to a quick coat of paint, reseeding your lawn, or even changing the hardware on your front door. The more ‘on top of’ home maintenance you are, the better off you’ll be in the long run.

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Had a job in a sketchy part of town, for a dirty and difficult clean. The people at North Shore were very helpful, the technician did a great job, and we are very happy with the way it all turned out. Everything was handled professionally and skillfully. I'm thrilled with the result. Will happily recommend them to anyone
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Daniel Jones
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Quick response, easy to deal with and quality work. I highly recommend them. They did a great job!
James Palmer
James Palmer
15:05 14 Sep 18
They did a great job for the downpipes replacement, it looks awesome and professional. There were a small issues for one of the downpipes, they came back the next day and changed a new one for me after I called them. The price is reasonable and the material is a great quality, the installers are their own guys, not subcontract. I am happy about my experience.
Mingwei Liu
Mingwei Liu
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North Shore has taken care of a great deal of our maintenance and they always do a great job. Service is fantastic and there have never been any issues with them returning if we needed a touch up after a service. Pricing is always fair and scheduling always on point.
Jooles Dub
Jooles Dub
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I have been using this service on behalf of our townhouse complex in Burnaby for the past 3 years. Roof cleaning, gutter repair, and other roofline repairs and maintenance have all been done promptly, quickly and carefully. It was worth it to search for this company and this result, as we have been treated poorly by other more local companies. Prices are reasonable despite the extra travel they do to get here. Invoices and responses to requests are always reliable.
Eric Mulholland
Eric Mulholland
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I have switched to North Shore Home Services because of the over the top customer service. Everyone from the men who came to do the repairs to the man in charge of customer service was as professional and understanding as is possible. Best of all, they fixed the leak!! I will recommend these people and call them whenever is necessary.
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