How to paint over old lead paint


If you live in an older home chances are there is still some old lead paint somewhere on your walls. The layers of paint may have been covered over but are there lurking below the surface. If you take the proper steps and are careful in dealing with old paint no problems should arise. It is easy to avoid issues with lead poisoning caused by dust from painting.

Lead poisoning results from having too much of lead in your body. It can affect your heart, bones, intestines, kidneys and nervous system. Effects are particularly bad in children. The symptoms of lead poisoning include confusion, abdominal pain, anemia, headache, infertility and irritability. If left untreated lead poisoning can cause seizures, coma and death.

At one time lead was commonly used in gasoline and paint. Vehicle fuel is now unleaded. Lead is still added to the fuel used in airplanes. Historically many painters including Caravaggio and Goya likely experienced lead poisoning from the paints they used. In Canada regulations were passed on lead in paint in the ’90s. Modern paints will not contain lead.

You should not be afraid to paint over old lead paint. In fact covering over lead paint to seal it in a great way of preventing lead exposure. However, you should be aware of certain precautions and steps that need to be taken when dealing with lead paint.

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2015 Paint Colour Trends


Choosing paint colour can be quite taxing on people. With the amount of colour choices in the marketplace, and companies now being able to essentially match any colour sample you provide them, makes this a near impossible task. So it seems. However experts in the paint industry like sharing choice colours to help, not only make the decision a little easier, but to bring you some innovative ideas and concepts when thinking of what colours to pick for the different rooms in your home.

If you’re a little on the shier side of colour selection, don’t fret. There are plenty of colourful neutrals to pick from and you can always add a splash of colour with accessories and other easily changeable items, like furniture, chairs, window treatments and other items. Additionally, these accents can be changed to match the seasons as well for those who prefer more frequent changes.

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How to prevent and deal with an exterior graffiti problem


As a building owner keeping the exterior looking good and in nice condition is an important part of maintenance and retaining value. It’s also an important part of how you are perceived by neighbours, people walking by, and the community in general.

If there is a problem with graffiti appearing on your property it makes you look bad and can cause additional damage to your property. There are a number of strategies you can adopt to help keep graffitists away.

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Tips for Painting Your Home’s Exterior


Painting your home’s exterior is not quite the same as painting a room within your home. First of all, everyone is going to see the paintjob. It’s also going to be exposed to weather elements and an outdoor environment. Therefore, you need to pick a brand of paint that can handle those conditions without chipping or cracking. You’ll also want paint that can handle bright sunlight without fading or yellowing.

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Top 6 House Painting Ideas You Must Use

House painting with paint brush

House painting should be creative. Go off the wall with colours and patterns when painting your home this season, and don’t be afraid to try different surfaces either. Whether it’s on walls, floors, ceilings or even furniture, paint can be an easy and inexpensive do-it-yourself option for homeowners looking to make a splash in their living spaces. Keep it simple and classy or experiment with bold hues and prints to add life to any room in your home.

Whatever your style, these six house painting ideas are sure to give you a lot to think about when planning your next major design facelift or minor décor touch up.

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