Why Duct Cleaning is Important to Your Home


Have you noticed that your furniture starts to get dusty almost as soon as you’ve cleaned it? Or does your heating system appear to be working a little harder than usual, even though it’s not colder outside? It may be time to have your duct system cleaned.

The duct system connects your heating and cooling unit to vents throughout your home. They are responsible for ensuring the proper delivery of warm and cool air to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, while also helping it to conserve energy.

Over time, your duct system can get dirty. It can become full of dust and debris, which can attract mites and other allergens. If you have pets, the hair can also accumulate inside the ducts. Rodents or insects can also get inside your duct system. It is important that you hire a professional to clean your duct system periodically to keep it healthy and performing at its best.

Here are a few reasons why duct cleaning is important to your home:

Dirty Ducts can Aggravate Asthma and Allergies

All that stuff lurking inside your duct system can get blown out into your home when the heating and cooling system is turned on. That means you could have a cocktail of dust, mites, and other pollutants in your air. If you have asthma, the pollutants can irritate it. If you have allergies, you’ll find yourself suffering from one attack after another.

Dirty ducts are especially problematic in homes where residents have respiratory problems. The elderly are especially vulnerable.

They Can Contribute to Illness

Dirty ducts can also contribute to more seasonal illness, such as colds and flu. Not only will the dust and debris aggravate your respiratory system and reduce its ability to fight infection, but the ducts can also harbor germs and bacteria that can spread infection. If someone in your home is sick, the illness can easily get passed around.

Children are especially affected by dirty ducks since they are closer to the ground and weigh less.

Your System Won’t Run as Efficiently

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, even a small accumulation of debris can impair the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. The agency says that even one millimeter of dirt on heating or cooling coils can decrease the efficiency of the unit by 21 percent. That means that your system will have to work harder and that you will spend more money on heating and cooling costs.

Your System May Fail

Exposure to too much dirt and debris over time can even make your heating and cooling system fail. The Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service says that as many as 90 percent of HVAC system failures can be attributed to dust and dirt. By simply cleaning your system, you can help extend its life and reduce the number of repairs you will have to make over the years.

When to Clean Your System

Typically, hiring someone to clean your system once a year will be sufficient to keep it in top shape. It is worth hiring someone to do the work instead of trying to do it yourself. A professional has the tools to get the work done quickly and safely. You can be sure that the system has been thoroughly cleaned, and you won’t have to spend your whole day doing it, nor will you put yourself or your family at risk by releasing more airborne pollutants into your home.

Your system may need to be more frequently if you smoke or if you have pets in your home. If you experience water contamination, such as from a roof leak or from flooding, you may need to have your system cleaned to help prevent the spread of mold. If you have any renovations performed, you may need to have your system cleaned since dust will spread throughout your home.

Your system will also need to be cleaned immediately if you see any signs of rodent or insect infestation or if you notice signs of mold on or around the ducts.

Whether you clean your ducts as a matter of routine maintenance or to deal with problems like rodents or water contamination, you can help to improve the efficiency of your system and protect the air quality in your home. Duct cleaning can remove up to 75 percent of airborne pollutants from your home. Hire an experienced and qualified professional to make sure the job is done right and that your home is protected.

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