Maple Ridge Services

Maple Ridge Services

Our exterior maintenance work is professional, neat, and affordable.  Whether we are cleaning gutters in Whistler, washing windows in Richmond, or power washing walkways in Pitt Meadows, we always aim to provide fantastic service and a clean site when we are finished. Call today to find out more about our exterior maintenance programs!

Maple Ridge Gutter Installation

Seamless gutters reduce the chances of leaks on your gutter system, which is why we always install seamless aluminum gutters.  We also offer custom gutters in a Euro-style (half round), available in multiple colors and materials, including copper, zinc and aluminum.  If you suffer from heavy snow fall or simply heavy debris, our custom NS185 Ranger heavy-duty hanger system will save you a lot of grief. We are also an authorized installer for the Alu-Rex or T-Rex series of gutter hanger and screening.  Both products come with a 25-year “no clog” warranty, so you can rest assured your home is protected.
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Maple Ridge Soffit, Fascia, and Siding Installation

North Shore Home Services sells and installs most types of soffit, and siding.  We install vinyl, cedar, and Hardie products in a variety in styles and colors – ask us to see them!  Our soffit comes in vinyl regular vent and hidden vent or “Beaded”.  Aluminum soffit is making a comeback – but not in the traditional white.  Ever thought of black, or dark grey soffits?  How about a taupe or kaki color?  James Hardie also now has a line of soffits that we install.  North Shore Home Services also supply and install fascia board and trim packages.  Whether you have a new house requiring this, or an older one that needs replacement – call us – we will look after you.
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Maple Ridge Gutter Repairs, Gutter Maintenance, and Gutter Cleaning

Don’t want to replace your gutters yet?  Ask us about our gutter refurbishment program, where our crew will come in, re-slope all your gutters, reseal all the corners, and check all the downpipe connections. Regular gutter cleaning and maintenance is your best bet!  Our gutter maintenance program usually includes two or three gutter cleaning appointments per year, to ensure your gutters are always draining correctly.  A blocked downspout can cause your gutters to overflow, or even break gutter connections. This can easily be prevented by regular gutter cleaning.
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Maple Ridge Window Cleaning

Window washing can be a daunting task, especially the exterior windows up on the third floor.  Why not let our safety-trained technicians perform the balancing act while cleaning your windows, rather than you risking a broken ankle or worse?  We wash exterior and interior windows, to ensure we leave your windows at their clearest.  We specialize in Strata Units, and Commercial “hard to reach” projects.
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Maple Ridge Roof Cleaning and Moss Control

You have trees on your property; your neighbors have trees; there are trees everywhere in Maple Ridge! And most of those trees have leafs and needles, which pile-up on your roof and in your gutters.  Since we’re up on a ladder cleaning your gutters, we may as well get rid of the loose roof debris, to ensure your gutters don’t plug-up again within a few days.  We also have moss removal and moss control solutions to protect the integrity of your roof and ensure you get full value for your roof.  Replacement of a roof just a few years earlier than it needs to be can cost thousands of dollars.
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Maple Ridge Power Washing & Steam Cleaning

Power washing or Steam Cleaning can revive the exterior of your home!  It brightens up walkways, driveways, rooftops, siding, and nearly any exterior surface. Our steam cleaning removes tough stains, too, and helps kill algae and moss growth. We even offer moss inhibitor, so that moss stays away!
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Had a job in a sketchy part of town, for a dirty and difficult clean. The people at North Shore were very helpful, the technician did a great job, and we are very happy with the way it all turned out. Everything was handled professionally and skillfully. I'm thrilled with the result. Will happily recommend them to anyone
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones
19:55 14 Aug 18
Quick response, easy to deal with and quality work. I highly recommend them. They did a great job!
James Palmer
James Palmer
15:05 14 Sep 18
They did a great job for the downpipes replacement, it looks awesome and professional. There were a small issues for one of the downpipes, they came back the next day and changed a new one for me after I called them. The price is reasonable and the material is a great quality, the installers are their own guys, not subcontract. I am happy about my experience.
Mingwei Liu
Mingwei Liu
06:18 09 Jun 18
North Shore has taken care of a great deal of our maintenance and they always do a great job. Service is fantastic and there have never been any issues with them returning if we needed a touch up after a service. Pricing is always fair and scheduling always on point.
Jooles Dub
Jooles Dub
00:42 04 Jul 18
I have been using this service on behalf of our townhouse complex in Burnaby for the past 3 years. Roof cleaning, gutter repair, and other roofline repairs and maintenance have all been done promptly, quickly and carefully. It was worth it to search for this company and this result, as we have been treated poorly by other more local companies. Prices are reasonable despite the extra travel they do to get here. Invoices and responses to requests are always reliable.
Eric Mulholland
Eric Mulholland
16:27 20 Sep 18
I have switched to North Shore Home Services because of the over the top customer service. Everyone from the men who came to do the repairs to the man in charge of customer service was as professional and understanding as is possible. Best of all, they fixed the leak!! I will recommend these people and call them whenever is necessary.
22:02 27 Dec 18