Building Maintenance Services in Metro Vancouver

Vancouver, BC

Our home exterior experts are here for all your questions and needs. We cover almost everything to do with exterior home and building maintenance. Our Vancouver painters, pressure washers, and more are ready to assist. Contact us now to find out about any of the great services we offer in Metro Vancouver.

Seamless Gutter Installation in Vancouver

Seamless gutter installation is one of the many services we are proud to offer in Vancouver. You shouldn’t underestimate the damage that more than 150+ days of rain a year can do to homes in Vancouver. If you have old or damaged eavestroughs, your foundation and siding may be suffering.

Our modern gutters come with some amazing new features, and in a variety of different shades styles and colors. We can also help you with everything related to your gutter system including downpipes and damaged fascia board. Call today to find out more about our gutter installation services.

Seamless Gutter Installation in Vancouver

New gutter installations are not always necessary. Our expert team can perform the annual maintenance that your gutters need to stay in top shape. You might be surprised about what your eavestroughs can need after a year of neglect, but fortunately, we handle it all: flushing, sealing cracks, realignments, resloping, corner repairs and much more. While we’re up there, we can also examine the state of your roof and perform a thorough cleaning.

Window Cleaning in Vancouver

Cleaning all your windows inside and out can be a hassle if you have a multi-story home or commercial building. In fact, it may not be safe for someone without the right training and equipment. Our home exterior professionals can remove the grimy streaks from windows that often result from fall and winter moisture.

Our equipment allows our Vancouver window cleaners to reach a lot of tough spaces, including skylights and balcony windows. Hand-washing and waxing of the interior face of the windows is included.

Roof Cleaning in Vancouver

You may be surprised how much debris can form on your roof when you’re not paying attention. Leaves and pine needles can rot in clumps, creating an attractive home for moss and mold. These stains and growths make homes and businesses look awful, and can ultimately damage the roof. Our Vancouver roof-cleaning professionals have the equipment to safely and quickly handle moss removal. Please call us today to have your roof renewed by our Vancouver home exterior experts.

Power Washing in Vancouver

The exterior cleaning experts at North Shore Home Services can help you with all of your power washing needs in Vancouver. We have different cleaners so we can decide between maximum cleaning power or a lighter approach for sensitive areas. The surfaces we can expertly clean include metal surfaces, railings, stucco, limestone, wood and so much more. Call us if you want to renew your outdoor spaces or prepare your home for painting.