Premium Gutter Cleaning and other Building Maintenance in Burnaby

You can now hire North Shore Home Services through our new South Burnaby office. As a result, we’ll be able to help you more quickly than ever before. The experts at our South Burnaby location are ready to answer any questions you have about gutters and maintenance of other outdoor surfaces. Our Burnaby painters, pressure cleaners, and other pros would be happy to answer your questions in a personal appointment. We can tell you all about gutter maintenance, window cleaning, roof cleaning or any of the other services we offer. Please call during our business hours to schedule an appointment.

Burnaby Gutter Installation

Burnaby is no stranger to storm clouds. Without a good gutter system, your home is at risk. Water leaking from the roof can do damage to the siding and even the foundation. Our quality eavestroughs can protect your home and offer you the peace of mind you need. Our new gutter installations come in many great styles that can make your home look better than ever before.

Burnaby Gutter Maintenance

Leaks can develop along your gutters if they are not maintained regularly. Untreated leaks can quickly lead to serious water damage. In colder weather, it can also create significantly more ice on sidewalks and driveways. Sign up for our regular maintenance schedule to ensure that you never have to worry about problems like these.

Burnaby Window Cleaning

Without the right equipment for the job, window cleaning can take a long time and cause a lot of frustration. Why worry about it? Our expert techs can quickly and professionally give every window in your home a streak-free shine.

Burnaby Roof Cleaning

Burnaby is home to many beautiful pine trees, but these trees can cause problems for your roof. Piles of needles can build up over time, trapping moisture and damaging your roof. This is a dangerous job for a homeowner, but not for our trained technicians. We can safely and thoroughly remove debris from your roof.

Burnaby Power Washing

Burnaby experiences a lot of moisture, and that makes it a great environment for the moss that can form on home siding. The green stains that appear as a result of moss are a constant thorn in the side of home owners. If you want these stains gone, call North Shore Home Services. We can clear the moss and the resulting stains that form on your home and other structures.