New Westminster Cleaning and Installation Services

New-Westminster If you live in New West, you live on a hill; at least, that’s what they say.  Good thing our technicians are safety trained in using ladders on uneven ground!  Our professional site teams offer detailed work with the highest workmanship guarantees.  All of our site staff have worked on the North Shore, Fraser Valley, Sea to Sky, Sunshine Coast, Tri-Cities, and Vancouver areas, so they are experienced in cleaning all types of homes.  Whether you’re in a heritage house or an apartment building, we can help with your gutter, window, and power washing needs.  Our installers are courteous, and have all their teeth!

New Westminster Gutter and Downpipe Installation

We install seamless gutters, downpipes, leaf screening, soffit, siding, and fascia boards to cover your home exterior needs.  Our gutter installers specialize in seamless gutters, to protect your home from future leaks.  Our custom gutters come in many different colors and shapes, to match your home’s individual style.  We’ve installed gutters for million dollar chalets in Whistler, mansions in West Vancouver, bungalows in North Vancouver, townhouse complexes in Surrey, and many other individual homes in the Lower Mainland.  Call or email our office for a free estimate! Need more info on our gutter and downpipe installations?

New Westminster Soffit, Fascia, and Siding Installation

Our soffit comes in vinyl regular vent and hidden vent or “Beaded”.  Aluminum soffit is making a comeback – but not in the traditional white.  Ever thought of black, or dark grey soffits?  How about a taupe or kaki color?  James Hardie also now has a line of soffits that we install.   North Shore Home Services sells and installs most types of soffit, and siding.  We install vinyl, cedar, and Hardie products in a variety in styles and colors – ask us to see them!  North Shore Home Services also supplies and installs fascia board and custom trim packages.  Whether you have a new house requiring this, or an older one that needs replacement – call us – we will look after you. Need more info on New Westminster Soffit and Siding Installations?

New Westminster Gutter Repairs, Gutter Cleaning & Gutter Maintenance

Protect your home from possible leaks by having your gutters maintained on a regular basis. Gutter cleaning keeps your downspouts from clogging, so you don’t have any overflow issues. Overflowing or leaking gutters can be a hazard, especially when located above walkways during the winter (leaving icy areas). We offer annual gutter cleaning packages. Call our office today for more information! Need more info on our gutter repairs? 

New Westminster Window Cleaning

No matter which bridge you can see from your balcony, you probably want a crystal clear view of it! With the beautiful Fraser River in that picturesque window, why not have our team come by and clean your windows inside and out? We clean windows by hand to ensure a truly clear finish on your windows, skylights, balcony glass, and other glass surfaces. Need more info on our window or glass cleaning services?

New Westminster Roof Cleaning

Near Elizabeth Park, you probably have trees in your yard; in other areas, you may not have quite as many. Either way, you’ve probably noticed leafs, pine needles, and other debris on your roof. And, you may have noticed algae or moss growing up there as well! A regular schedule of roof cleaning will help ensure you don’t end up with a completely green roof of moss. We also offer moss inhibitor to deter growth of moss and algae. Need more info on our roof cleaning or moss removal services?

New Westminster Power Washing, Steam Cleaning, Rust removal

New West is known for it’ beautiful vintage cars and heritage homes in Queens Park, but we’ve all suffered from visits of leaking cars that aren’t kept in quite such a good condition.  The oil stains from these cars seem to mar your driveway for eternity; but our steam cleaning can remove those oil stains! Steam cleaning can also remove discoloration on siding, green and black algae on roofs, moss growth between pavers, and other cement areas. We can even remove efflorescence. Don’t know what that is? Ask us about it. Need more info on our New Westminster power washing or steam cleaning services?