North Vancouver Gutter Installation Services, Window Cleaning, Power Washing, and Roof Cleaning.

North Shore Home Services has been providing top quality gutter installations and other exterior installation and cleaning services in North Vancouver since 1963!  Our original name was North Shore Home Services and Energy Savers Ltd.  You might even have a sticker on you furnace from the days when we used to clean furnaces.  Thanks for making us the #1 gutter installation and exterior home cleaning service in North Vancouver from Capilano Road to Deep Cove!North Shore Home Services Ltd. is a company locally owned and operated.   The North Shore of Metro Vancouver is a fantastic location, giving us the opportunity to provide prompt and professional service throughout the Lower Mainland. It has even allowed us to expand our services into the Sunshine Coast and up to Whistler.Our specialties include gutter maintenance, repairs, and installation, as well as window washing, power washing, and moss removal.

North Vancouver Seamless Gutter and Downpipe Installation Service

We only use the best materials and qualified installers for all our gutter and downpipe seamless installations.  Our installers are certified and have years of experience so you get the best gutter installation for your home.  Your gutters will be sloped and drain properly, won’t leak at the corners and will look pleaseing to the eye for curb appeal.  All our workers are employees and must be annually certified with WorkSafe approved ladder safety and and have full fall-protection safety courses before they step foot on any jobsite.  Our team strives to provide the best service and utmost professionalism on site, while providing the highest quality installation.  Our continuous gutter systems minimize the number of gutter joints, helping prevent possible future leaks.   We also offer Alurex and Ranger heavy gutter fastening systems.  Our gutter screening, leaf screens, and gutter guards are heavy duty, and securely fastened.    We will offer “No Clog” guarantees on all our gutter screens installed with a funnel, easy flow outlet and cleanout filter box.  While the screening prevents leaves and other debris from clogging the gutters, the hangers prevent any warping or mis-sloping of the gutters caused by heavy snow.  These are the perfect answer to Vancouver’s rainy climate.Call us today for a free no-obligation quote for the replacement of your North Vancouver gutter system!Need more info?

North Vancouver Gutter Repairs, Gutter Cleaning Service, and Regular Maintenance

Gutter and downpipe systems must work properly especially in North Vancouver, since we have an average of 166 days of rain per year!  That is a lot of rain and wind!  That amount of rain mixed with the beautiful forest surrounding our city creates the perfect storm for gutters. They get clogged, they sag and stop draining properly, and even after awhile, the seals on the corners and at weak joints will fail.  OUr crews hand clean and flush gutters, reseal leaking corners, endcaps, and downpipes.  We can install new outlets where your gutter and downpipe meets and reattach a loose or fallen downpipe with new straps.  Let us rebolt and refasten a loose gutter or one starting to pull away from that heavy snow fall.  Standing water issue are a nesting ground for mosquitos and a dangerous breeding ground for West Nile Virus.  We can change the slope of your existing gutter or even add a downpipe in the gutter to make it drain correctly.  We can do thie for mteal gutters or built in membrane gutter systems with bigger 3 inch roof drains.  Call us today for a free no obligation quote to set up a regular annual maintenance schedule today to prevent clogging and damage caused by these conditions.Need more info?

 North Vancouver Window Cleaning, Railing Glass and Skylight Cleaning Service

We specialize in hand cleaning hard to reach windows and skylights!   We are used to cleaning on the slope of North Vancouver.  Our ladders are specially equiped for handling ground that is not flat.  Having cleaned window by hand inside and out for over 30 years on the North Shore – we know what we’re doing!Our experienced and trained technicians arrive on site with ALL the necessary equipment including ladders, drop sheets, and hoses to reach those windows by hand or in extreme cases or over 3 stories by using a water fed tucker-pole.  We utilize the most modern and efficient cleaning methods so you get the most bang for your buck.  What it might take you all day on a Saturday to do, our professional window cleaner can done in 2 hours.  This is what we do!!  In order to keep our services well within your budget while providing top-notch service, we schedule jobs in the same neigborhood, so we don’t move around much in a day.  We always try to leave the site in a cleaner and tidier state than it was when we arrived.  Call us today for your free NO OBLIGATION North Vancouver window cleaning quote.Need more info?

North Vancouver Roof Cleaning, Moss & Algae Removal and Maintenance

The sun may not see the north side of your North Vancouver roof for months at a time.  Moss and Algae flourish in wet cold, damp, dark conditions.  When the sun comes out every Spring, we turn on our engines and start cleaning.  We offer airblowing of loose debris like pine needles, moss, and leaves to let your roof start breathing again.  We offer manual scrubbing and moss removal programs, steam cleaning, and moss inhibitor applications to stop the moss and Algae from returning so quickly next year if at all.   We offer this service to home owners, Strata’s, Property Managers, or Commercial Buildings.  Call us today for a free quote on annual roof cleaning and moss inhibitor packages in North Vancovuer today!Need more info?

North Vancouver Power Washing or Pressure Wash, & Steam Clean Services

Tired of seeing that stained driveway every day? Our power washing can clean the dark “acid rain” staining from your exposed aggregate surfaces, interlocking pavers, or concrete.  We even will supply and install a fresh topcoat of sand to your pavers after we are finished.  Just ask us!  We can also clean vinyl decking, railings, flashing, hardie siding, stucco and siding.   North Shore Home Services Ltd is the only company in North Vancouver that offers a hot steam cleaning service for sensitve decking, siding, and other sensitive exterior building envelope cleaning.  Steam cleaning is the only way to clean asphalt without damaging it, remove gum, and any other oil based products.   Hot water steam cleaning is teh best way to clean a parking area or parking garage.  Would you wash your bacon filled frying pan with cold water?   Call us today and see your North Vancouver home transformed!Need more info?