Exterior Home Maintenance in White Rock and South Surrey

White-RockThere’s a lot to love about this area. It’s a diverse area filled with all sorts of homes and features like golf courses and unique mansions. It doesn’t matter what type of home you have, since our services can be customized for most kinds of homes and commercial buildings.Our services include-Gutter Installation -Gutter Cleaning -Gutter Repairs -Pressure Watching -Steam Cleaning -Window Washing -Siding Installation -Soffit Installation -And More

Gutter & Siding Installation in White Rock

Our seamless gutters come in more than 30 different colors. These gutters are also available in different styles and designs to match the many personal tastes out there. It isn’t necessary to know your measurements. Our crew can come out to your home and tell you which models are compatible with your home.In addition to major national brands, we also carry our own handcrafted half-round euro gutters. These are also available in different metals such as copper and aluminium. Our Lindab rainwater system may also interest you.For your protection, limited warranties are available for all of our gutter screening products. These make it much more difficult for debris to enter your downpipes.We offer all of the following soffits and more--Vinyl -Aluminum -Wood SoffitsAnd all of the following sidings,-Vinyl -Cedar -Hardie SidingFind more information here.

Gutter Cleaning and Repairs in White Rock

Are you having problems with gutter overflow? You don’t necessarily need new gutters. Instead, have our experts hand clean your system and flush any clogs out. While they’re doing that, they can examine your system and roof for any other problems. We’ll even use our air blowers to clean your roof.

Glass and Window Cleaning in White Rock

There are so many beautiful sights to see in White Rock. Why not make sure you can see them all clearly? Our professional window cleaning service effectively cleans even the hardest-to-reach glass surfaces. We even clean chandeliers!

Roof Cleaning in White Rock

We can clean all sorts of unpleasant things from roofs. That includes moss, algae and any other kinds of stains that might result from colonies or the climate. In addition to cleaning, we can install zinc strips to inhibit the growth of future colonies.

Steam Cleaning and Power Washing

Steam cleaning is one of the best ways to give your home exterior a fresh look. We can steam clean or power wash all these and more--Your entire home exterior -Driveways -Siding -Patios -Membrane DecksAsk us about any problems you have with stains or discoloration.