Sea to Sky Gutter and Siding Installation and Cleaning Services

We service Lions Bay, Brittania Beach, Furry Creek, Squamish, Whistler, and Pemberton, and everywhere in between.  Since expanding into the Sea to Sky area, we have had great reviews on our gutter installations, window cleaning, and powerwashing services.  At North Shore Home Services, we always aim to provide professional and knowledgeable service before, during, and after every job.

Sea to Sky Gutter Installation

Heavy snow can bend and warp your gutters, causing major leaks and overflow issues on your gutter system. Alurex heavy-duty hanger and gutter leafguard system protects your gutters from any warping, clogging, and draining issues. We can also replace fascia board, to ensure the new gutter system is safely secured to your home.Need more info?

Sea to Sky Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is essential to extending the life of your gutter system. Without regular maintenance, gutters become clogged, warped, and broken. Downpipes can separate from the main gutter run, and cause further damage to your home. Help prevent these issues by signing up for our Gutter Cleaning program.Need more info?

Sea to Sky Window Cleaning

With such a beautiful view along the Sea to Sky highway, you always ensure your car’s windows are clean. Why not have your windows cleaned on your home as well? Our experienced window cleaning staff ensure a clean finish to your windows: inside and out. Enjoy the view from Britannia Beach through a pristine window.Need more info?

Sea to Sky Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal

Have you noticed those small green spots on your roof? Or maybe you’ve noticed a large collection of pine needles and leaves on your neighbour’s roof? Our fall protection safety trained staff can go up on the roof and remove debris, steam clean the roofing, and apply moss inhibitor to further protect your roof. Steam cleaning provides a deeper clean without the high pressure of pressure washing, to protect your possibly fragile roof.Need more info?

Sea to Sky Power Washing and Steam Cleaning

Our Squamish to Whistler climate provides us with many opportunities, but it also presents us with extra obstacles in maintaining the exterior of our homes. You may have noticed green discoloration on the siding of your house, and severe black streaks on cement surfaces around your home.  These are the beginnings of mold, moss, or just longterm dirt and grime. Our powerwashing and steam cleaning services can help remove this discolorations before it becomes permanent staining.Need more info?