Lions Bay Installation and Cleaning Services

North Shore Home Services goes further north than Horseshoe Bay!  Most of the installations and exterior maintenance companies in the Lower Mainland do not travel further than West Vancouver or Horseshoe Bay, but we travel all the way up to Lions Bay and even past into Squamish and Whistler. Because we are based in North Vancouver, we know it is a short hop to get to Lions Bay and easier to drive there than to go to Surrey or Langley, or even some places in Vancouver.  We keep our prices the same as the North Shore while providing professional gutter installation and repair services, as well as window cleaning, power washing, and exterior installations.

Lions Bay Gutter Installation

North Shore Home Services’ gutter installations are custom fit to measure onsite, so you can have peace of mind that the gutter installation is completed professionally.  We only install seamless gutters to help prevent possible future leaks, therefore preventing water damage to the exterior of your home and landscaping. Our gutter installers will install your gutters with the proper amount of slope to get that water away from your property. We even provide the option of gutter screening to protect your guttering from blockages, and offer cleanout boxes as a simple way to remove debris.  All our gutter screening products come with a limited 25 year “no clog” warranty. Need more info?

Lions Bay Gutter Repairs, Cleaning & Maintenance

Want to extend the lifespan of your gutters?  We highly suggest regular maintenance. The Sea to Sky corridor including Lions Bay is full of coniferous type trees which drop needles all year long and with every rain fall or wind event.  These factors place stress on your gutters and downspouts to clear heavy rain away quickly.  The slightest of blockages with only a small handful of needles can cause your gutter system to clog up, or your flat roof to fill up and overflow into your house!  Gutters that are not sloped properly can hold water, which can overflow with the slightest rain, and are a breeding ground for mosquito larvae.  A regular gutter cleaning program will take care of all these issues, and increase the lifespan of your gutters and downspouts. Need more info?

Lions Bay Window and Glass Cleaning

Our window cleaners often admire the view from the roof of house in Lions Bay, Horseshoe Bay, Squamish, and Whistler while we are cleaning the skylights. We might even take a moment to soak it in!  We can clean your windows, mirrors, balcony glass, and skylights inside and out so you have just as clear a view as they do!  Our professional staff will polish your glass with squeegees to hand-clean windows, as well as a tucker pole for those impossibly high windows. Need more info?

Lions Bay Roof Cleaning

Let’s face it: you’ve been trying to ignore the discoloration on your roof because you have no idea how to deal with it. Well, we have the solution! Our technicians can remove those green clumps (moss) and black streaking (acid rain) and greenish-yellow streaks (algae).  After over 18 years in the business, we have the secrets!  And no – power washing is not the answer.  This can only be done in certain circumstances when your roof is designed to have it done.  When we remove the heavy moss, or even clean the algae or the black staining off your roof, it will look like new!  This truly revives the look of your roof!   This roof cleaning will add years to life of your roof!!  We also apply a moss inhibitor afterwards, to deter re-growth. Most homes from Surrey to Vancouver, Lions Bay, and Whistler suffer from moss and algae, so rest assured – you’re not the only one suffering! Need more info?

Lions Bay Power Washing & Steam Cleaning

Our power washing and steam cleaning services will brighten up your home!  We all appreciate a neat and tidy home exterior, so why don’t you relax this summer and let our technicians take care of that for you?  Our services include cleaning nearly any surface: concrete, wood, vinyl, rubber, metal, stucco and tile. Our building maintenance technicians are properly trained and certified to use our machines so they will not cause damage to your surface.  We even offer removal of white efflorescence and rust mark stains you may find on tile and concrete areas. Again – trade secrets!  Years of trying products and not working have lead to our leading the industry in these stain type removals. Need more info?