Whistler Building Maintenance Services—Gutters and More

North Shore Home Services supplies all the exterior home maintenance services you need in Whistler.

Seamless Gutter and Siding Installations—For Your Home’s Protection

You may think a gutter is something you have to live without in Whistler, but we have systems that are designed to withstand the massive weight of the winter snows. We can install new gutters for you, or replace your old one.A seamless gutter installation may be just what you need if you’ve noticed your old gutter developing leaks and blockages on a regular basis. Even small leaks can result in sustained water damage to your siding or the foundation of your home. Our new gutters are available in many different styles, and they can create an amazing look for your home. We would love to help you protect your home. Call us today for a new gutter installation in Whistler.We also offer a range of different siding options for installation, including vinyl siding in Whistler. Our Vancouver home and business painters are also at your service.

Gutter Maintenance in Whistler—Affordable and Necessary

Yearly maintenance is necessary if you want your eavestroughs to work properly, and you really do want them to work properly if you care about the condition of your home. Those leaks aren’t just annoying; they’re likely causing real damage to your home. Our talented technicians can help. Our maintenance services include everything from flushing out obstructions and the sealing of cracks to installation of new components. Call North Shore Home Services the next time you need quality gutter maintenance in Whistler.

Window Cleaning in Whistler—Let Our Pros Handle It

We’re Whistler’s most well-equipped window cleaners. Our professional home exterior technicians can safely work on windows all over your home or business, including high on balconies or installed on your roof as skylights. Our comprehensive service leaves your windows shining and free from all the grime they can collect throughout the year. We don’t only clean the exterior, of course. We also make sure every window is cleaned and waxed from the inside, too. Call us today to get work with the best window cleaners in Whistler.

Roof Cleaning in Whistler—All Growths Removed

Our Whistler roof-cleaning pros can remove the growths and stains that have been bothering you for so long. Moss growth is common with roofs in the area, but it won’t do any favors for the look of your home or business. We would be happy to help you get rid of those horrible stains and clusters. With our power cleaning machines, moss removal is very simple. A roof can look brand new by the time we’re done with it. Call to set up an appointment, today.

Pressure Washing in Whistler—For Most Outdoor Surfaces!

The pros at North Shore Home Services are proud to be among the most respected power-washing professionals in the industry. We take pride in how effectively we can obliterate the filth and grime that can form on all kinds of surfaces. Our power washers, steam cleaners and sandblasters can restore metal and stucco walls back to appearing flawless. Even more fragile surfaces can be treated with our steam cleaners. We’d love to hear from you about your power washers needs in Whistler.