The Building Maintenance Professionals on the Sunshine Coast

We are the Sunshine Coast Experts when it comes to exterior home services. Let us help you with your gutters, windows, siding, Sunshine Coast painters and more.

Sunshine Coast Gutter Installations

Need new gutters? We’re ready to serve with our seamless gutter installations in Sunshine Coast. It’s important that you treat leaks in your eavestrough system as quickly as possible. Otherwise, dripping water may cause damage to your foundation and siding. We carry a massive range of styles when it comes to gutters, and we have the expertise to handle every part of the job. After all, installing new gutters may involve replacing the supporting fascia board. We’d love to hear from you if you need gutter installation.

Sunshine Coast Gutter Maintenance

Did you know that gutters need to be cleaned annually for the best performance? That performance is important, because loose seals and misalignments can cause problematic leaks. We can take care of everything when you contact us for a yearly maintenance. That includes easy fixes like leaks, and even more complicated services like gutter resloping or downspout replacements. Please call us for your annual gutter maintenance service call in Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast Window Cleaning

Trust the professionals at North Shore Home Services when you need quality window cleaning services around the Sunshine Coast. Our experience and equipment allows us to safely clean hard-to-reach windows. Even skylights are easy for our team. We can also clean even the toughest grime, sap and dirt that the seasons leave on your poor windows. We complete each exterior cleaning by handing washing the indoor face of your windows.

Sunshine Coast Roof Cleaning

Call North Shore Home Services for the best roof cleaning services on the Sunshine Coast. Tired of black or green stains ruining the look of your home or business? We can help. Our moss-removal technicians have the training and equipment to safely clean every inch of your roof. Once we’re done clearing moss from your roof, we can spray down an inhibitor so you won’t have to worry about the moss growing back anytime soon. Call today to find out more.

Pressure Washing on the Sunshine Coast

Need sandblasters or steam cleaners on the Sunshine Coast? Work with the great exterior cleaners at North Shore Home Services. We have powerful equipment that can clean tough surfaces like metal and vinyl siding. Of course, we also have steam cleaners to deal with more sensitive surfaces like wood and slate. Please call our experienced washers when you need to clean your outdoor surfaces. We would love to help.