Halfmoon Bay & Roberts Creek Installation and Cleaning Services

Our services are now available in Halfmoon Bay, Roberts Creek, Port Mellon, and Madeira Park. We supply and install new seamless 4, 5 and 6 inch gutters and matching downpipes. We also install vinyl, cedar, aluminum and Hardie soffits, and siding. Our exterior building cleaning services extend to window cleaning, gutter cleaning and repairs, and power washing. After years of requests to service the Sunshine Coast, we gave in about 5 years ago and decided to make the trip. And what a great decision! Our crews would much rather hope on a ferry for breakfast than drive an hour to Surrey or Langley through traffic, and be home on the North Shore that night. We keep our prices competitive for all of our clients equally across the board, and offer the same service level our customers have come to expect in the Vancouver area.

Halfmoon Bay & Roberts Creek Gutter and Downpipe Installation

Weather you have a glorious waterfront property or a home nestled in the woods, our homes take quite a beating here on the Wet Coast, and your gutters need the strength to stand up to all of that heavy weather. Try some of our gutter screening products with easy flow outlets and cleanout filter boxes on your downpipes on your existing gutters. Thinking of a new system? Try either of our heavy hanger/screening combo fastening systems including both AluRex or T-rex and the popular NS185 Rangers Series. Both applications are the perfect answer to nature’s high winds, torrential rains, and autumn leaves and needles. These reinforced, seamless gutter installations guarantee your gutters will not dent the next time a serviceman gets up on your roof, and they will keep water flowing through every season. AluRex and NS185 Ranger even offer a 25-year NO CLOG WARRANTY. Checkout our gutter screen page for more info!Want more info on our seamless gutter installations?

Halfmoon Bay & Roberts Creek Soffit, Fascia, and Siding Installation

We install a variety of styles and colors of vinyl siding and James Hardie for the exterior of your home.Ask us about a full package price for the exterior of your home including trim. Our crews can also replace rotten fascia or barge boards before we install new gutter systems. It can be challenging to find skilled tradesmen year-round in Gibsons and Sechelt, and even more difficult in the further areas of Halfmoon Bay, Port Mellon, and Madeira Park. We are happy to provide exterior installations to all of these areas! All of our technicians are safety certified, experienced, and detail oriented.Want more info on our soffit and siding installations?

Halfmoon Bay & Roberts Creek Gutter Repairs, Gutter Maintenance, and Gutter Cleaning

Don’t wait till your gutters are overflowing in November. Call us today to set up a regular yearly maintenance program for your Strata or residence! We offer regular gutter maintenance for your rainwater system, to ensure your gutters do not clog-up and overflow during the rainy season. Leaking gutters can even be dangerous during the winter, leaving icy patches on walkways and sidewalks. Our repair department can cover sealing corners, reattaching gutters to fascia, and reconnecting downpipes.Need more info on gutter cleaning or gutter repair services?

Halfmoon Bay & Roberts Creek Window Cleaning

Why obstruct the beautiful scenery with dirty windows? Our window cleaners can clean your windows inside and out, so you have a perfect view of BC’s southern coast. We can also wash your sliding doors, balcony glass, solariums, and other glass surfaces.Need more info on our window cleaning services?

Halfmoon Bay & Roberts Creek Roof Cleaning and Moss Control

Like the rest of BC, the Sunshine Coast communities suffer from the Wet Coast that turns everything on the North Sides of our homes green with algae r moss growth. Your home probably suffers from lots of fallen leafs and needles on your roof. This loose debris actually fosters the growth of moss and algae, which can compromise the integrity of your roof’s structure. We offer light and deep roof cleaning, including moss control and moss inhibitor.Need more info on our roof cleaning and moss removal services?

Halfmoon Bay & Roberts Creek Power Washing & Steam Cleaning

Ask us how our crew can power wash your dock, beach stairway, driveway, walkways, and nearly any other exterior surface without damaging it! We also offer steam cleaning for delicate surfaces that require deep cleaning without the high pressure, such as cedar shake roofs, aged painted surfaces, and brick areas.Need more info on our steam cleaning or power washing services?