Sechelt Gutter Services

Have you been trying company after company looking for just the right one to deal with your high-up gutters, as well as your detailed windows? Look no further! Our company specializes in gutters, windows, AND power washing, to cover all of your exterior needs. We work in all areas of the Sunshine Coast, including Half-moon Bay, Roberts Creek, Gibson’s, Port Mellon, Bowen Island, and Sechelt.

Sechelt Gutter Installation

Sechelt and the whole Sunshine Coast area undergo a lot of extreme weather which can damage your gutter system, such as heavy snow/ice, falling debris from snow storms, and high amounts of rain. These can bend your gutters, break downpipes, and cause overflow/blockage of the guttering. Our seamless gutter system matched with leaf screens, heavy-duty hanger system, and easily accessible cleanout boxes will protect your home. This combination ensures you will not suffer from blockages, your gutters will not warp or break under extreme weight, and overflows/leaks will be limited.Need more info?

Sechelt Gutter Maintenance

Not everyone wants or needs the top of the line gutter system; however, without the advanced system, you most definitely need to ensure your gutters are maintained at least annually. Sechelt just as Port Mellon through to Madeira Park, has plenty of leafs and needles falling from trees onto your roof and into your gutters. Our gutter cleaning program ensures this debris does not permanently clog your downspouts and allows proper drainage of the guttering.Need more info?

Sechelt Window Cleaning

You live in one of the most beautiful places in Canada! Why not have crystal clear views of it? The Sunshine Coast is gorgeous, but it also has plenty of storms. Help your home recover from the storm, and have our technicians professionally clean your windows in and out. Our window washers use hand squeegees and tucker poles when needed to leave your windows with a streak free finish. Book a day with your nearby neighbors’ or your city neighbors’ from Madeira Park or Gibson’s and receive a discount!Need more info?

Sechelt Roof Cleaning

Our roof cleaning and moss control programs are very useful along BC’s West Coast. We offer both power washers and steam cleaners to provide a deep and thorough clean on any type of roof. Our fall-protection trained technicians can work on any roof! The Sunshine Coast has some unique architecture, and we can work on all of it. We also remove moss/algae and apply a moss inhibitor to help prevent it from growing back.Need more info?

Sechelt Power Washing

Are you getting tired of the oil stains on your driveway and the discoloration on your homes exterior? We can remove it all! Our power washing services are applicable to many surfaces: vinyl siding, asphalt driveway, cedar roofs, aluminum soffits, metal railings, and many more. We carry our power washers and steam cleaners on board our trucks daily, so we can service even the outlying areas, like Madeira Park, Half-moon Bay, Port Mellon, Roberts Creek, and Bowen Island.Need more info?