Coquitlam's Building Maintenance Experts

For all home exterior needs, call the experts at North Shore Home Services. We offer plenty of services designed to keep your home in top condition including everything to do with gutters, siding installation or painting. We are happy to travel all over the lower mainland to deliver our services, from Langley through the tri-cities and even to areas as far as Whistler or Sunshine Coast.

Gutter Installations for Home Protection in Coquitlam

Call the pros in Coquitlam if you’re interested in our industry-leading seamless gutter installations. Your eavestroughs can be easy to forget, but they are among the most essential parts of your home. Moisture caused by rain and snow can frequently leaks into the siding of your home and then pools around the foundation.The cost of this water damage can be massive. Our new installations are available in many attractive styles and materials. Call us when you’re ready to install new gutters.

Gutters Cleaned, Flushed and Repaired in Coquitlam

You should never let more than a year pass before you have your gutters looked at, especially considering the amount of snow we can see in Coquitlam. You don’t want to have to worry about the water draining down and creating patches of ice around your yard. If it’s high time for your gutters to be properly maintained, we would be happy to help.Our experts look at every part of your gutter system—everything from the sloping to the state of the fascia board. We can seal leaks, flush clogs and even hand clean years off your gutters.

Window Cleaning for Homes and Businesses in Coquitlam

If you have hard-to-reach windows on your home, call the team with the whole-home expertise. We are among the most-respected exterior maintenance teams in Coquitlam, and it’s a simple matter for us to clean every window on your home, no matter how high or awkwardly-positioned. That includes windows on balconies and even skylights. Every exterior cleaning also involves our techs coming in and polishing the interior side of every window.

Roofs Cleaned and Protected in Coquitlam

Our experienced Coquitlam roof cleaners can improve the look of your home or business. The sustained damage from stagnant pine needles, leaves and moss on your roof can cause ugly stains, and it can be difficult to clean your own roof safely. Call our experts, instead. Our roof-cleaning moss-removing technicians in Coquitlam are trained equipped to handle even the toughest jobs safely. If it’s time for your roof to get a renewal, place a call to North Shore Home Services today.

Pressure Washing/Steam Cleaning in Coquitlam

Let North Shore Home Services help you when your outdoor surfaces need serious cleaning. Our powerful sandblasters and steam cleaners can safely clean stone, tile and even stucco walls. We can also use our steam cleaners to polish more sensitive areas of your home or business exterior. No matter what kind of surface, we have a solution for it that will leave it looking brand new. Call our Coquitlam power washers today to bring your outdoor surfaces back to life.