Port Moody & Anmore Gutter Cleaning, Installation & Repair

We offer professional, courteous work with attention to detail. What else could you ask for? We have reasonable rates! We offer full building maintenance and installation services from painting, window cleaning, power washing, gutter installations, and even redoing you new or existing siding. If you’re looking to have any exterior maintenance work done, we can help! And we know what you need in Port Moody, because if there is one area in the Vancouver area that is like North Vancouver – it is Port Moody with their rainfall, and harmful dark damp areas that can really put a downer on your investments. Whether you have a home, Strata, or commercial building, we know how to clean and repair all surfaces with products that will not damage them.

Port Moody Gutter Cleaning and Repairs

Downpipe hanging off the house? Gutter holding water? Gutter bent in half and falling off the house from too much snow? We can help! To keep your gutters clear of blockages and to reduce the strain on them, we suggest regular gutter maintenance. We clean gutters by hand and flush the system, to ensure the gutters are flowing correctly and the downspouts are clog free. We can also clean the outside of the gutter to bring back that original sparkle.Need more info on Port Moody and Anmore gutter repairs or gutter cleaning?

Port Moody Pressure Washing and Steam Cleaning

Have you been planning to wash the back patio and clean-up your walkways, but you never get around to it? We can power wash nearly any exterior surface: driveways, roofs, siding, patios, cement walls, rock walls, walkways, pool decks, and more! We also offer steam cleaning for more delicate surfaces, and to help remove heavy stains.Need more info on our Port Moody pressure washing and steam cleaning services?

Port Moody & Anmore Soffit, Fascia Board, and Siding Installation Services

North Shore Home Services supplies and installs aluminum, James Hardie and vinyl soffits and siding. We also carry a full range range of colors to help you investment look exactly how you want it.Need custom fascia cover or flashings? We can help.Call us or check out our installation pages here.

Port Moody & Anmore Seamless Gutter Installations

North Shore Home Services specializes in seamless gutter installation and gutter repairs! We can seal leaky corners, reattach downpipes, re-slope gutter lengths that are holding water, and replace damaged outlets. Our seamless gutter installation division offer seamless gutters and matching downpipes, and with our gutter screening systems – you never worry about your gutters getting clogged! We can even replace damaged or rotten fascia board before hanging new gutters.Need more info on Port Moody Seamless Gutter Installations?

Port Moody & Anmore Window Cleaning and Glass Cleaning

The views from Port Moody and the Anmore areas give North & West Vancouver a run for its money. Why not have a crystal clear view of Inlet Bay? Our window washers can clean the exterior and interior windows of your home to leave a streak free finish. While on site, they can also clean balcony glass, skylights, shower doors, and mirrors. We can use Tucker Pole water fed systems to work from the ground from 60 feet. We specialize in hard to reach buildings, and use boom trucks that go up to 120 feet. Have a 4 level Strata? We can do it. Our window cleaners can clean high rises as well.Need more info on our Port Moody & Anmore Window Cleaning?

Port Moody & Anmore Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal

Our roof cleaners take great care when it comes to your investment. We don’t want to create any problem that is not there. We want to help by clearing off loose debris and even debris that has been there for awhile. Needles and leaves on the roof from the last storm? We will air blow them off and even check the valleys and behind that chimney. Moss clumps growing on the roof? We can hand brush it off, and in extreme cases where applicable on wood, metal or tile roofing materials – we can steam clean the roof for better effectiveness and add waterproofing deep penetrating sealers back to your surface to add further protection. Is your roof starting to match the color of the surrounding trees? As neat as that may be, you should probably have the moss and algae removed before it starts to destroy your roof tiles. Heavy moss can even affect the structural stability of your roof. And in Anmore, and Port Moody – we have dark damp algae growth areas. Joining our regular Moss Control Program can also help prevent moss and algae from growing back.Need more info on how we can clean your roof in Port Moody?