Moss Removal Services

roof moss removal

Roof Moss Removal – Before & After

The wet, rainy weather in Vancouver promotes moss growth, especially on the north facing surfaces of your home, most typically found on roofs. Our technicians are trained in the science of moss removal. We apply our moss removal treatment, specially formulated to tackle the heavy moss in Vancouver and along the West Coast. The treatment kills the moss instantly while keeping the underlying surface unharmed.

Vancouver Moss Removal
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After we’ve applied our moss treatment and let it soak in, we begin removing the large clumps by scrubbing or spraying – depending on the surface the moss is attached to. Moss removal gets messy but our technicians will clean surrounding areas after removal to ensure no bits and pieces are left behind.

Roof Moss Removal

We typically perform moss removal on roofs as part of our roof cleaning services. With roof moss removal, we take extra steps to ensure no moss ends up in your gutters as this can create serious drainage problems. Our technicians are trained to gently remove moss to prevent damage to your roof shingles and tiles.