Snow & Ice Removal

While snow removal is a pretty infrequent occurrence in our neighbourhoods, we know at times it’s a godsend for your convenience! Getting in and out of your block shouldn’t be a hassle.

What’s more, we also take snow off your roof to avoid structural damage and other potential hazards.

Do you have a steep or metal roof? These can be potentially dangerous hazards, as falling snow and ice can wreak havoc on the property (and people) below.  Flat roofs aren’t immune to causing damage either; heavy snow can weigh them down and create potential damage to your roof’s integrity.

This is why we offer snow and ice removal to our customers throughout the North Shore.

Say Goodbye To Treacherous Ground:

Our snow removal service is also great for your driveways and walkways. Every job is done completely by hand, so as not to damage your driveway, concrete or other surfaces that can be compromised. To top off a job well done, we apply salt to all walkways and driveways (unless you prefer otherwise).

If you want to ensure your safety and allow yourself to drive worry-free through your neighbourhood on those snowy days, please get in touch:

 North Shore Home Services
(604) 988-5294

Added Bonus: ask  for our “no-call” cleanup.  As you peacefully sleep the night away, our crew will come by and remove all snow and ice from your driveway and walkways, while applying salt before you wake up.

Your property will be good to go for the day!