Window Cleaning Service in Vancouver

Technician Cleaning Windows by Hand

Tired of spending your weekends with a bottle of Windex and a handful of paper towels? Let our Vancouver window cleaning crew get up on the ladder and bring back that original shine your windows once had. Our trained staff can clean both the inside and outside of your windows, skylights (including frames), glass awnings, balcony glass and any other glass surfaces around your home like mirrors and glass shower doors. When you drive past a home with freshly cleaned windows you can see the difference it makes.

Vancouver Window Cleaners – Residential & Commercial
North Shore Home Services

Residential Window Cleaning

With so much on the to-do list, window cleaning is no less than a nightmare for homeowners.

North Shore Home Services is there to take off the burden of your shoulders.

Regular cleaning or you plan to sell your home, our professional residential window cleaning in Vancouver can do the trick for you.

A cleaned window

  • Offers crystal clear views of the outdoors
  • Prevents the build up of dirt and grime
  • Allows the natural light to enter in your private space
  • Improves the curb appeal of the home

Removing the hard-to-remove stains, we promise an excellent job every time you call us.

Sit back and relax as our trained team cleans the windows for you.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Looks matter and when it comes to business, you simply can’t afford to ignore window cleaning.

North Shore Home Services gets you and offers affordable window cleaning in Greater Vancouver.

A small store, retail shop or businesses in high-traffic areas, we manually clean the windows with and without using the tucker pole.

Our cleaning services help with the

  • Removal of the dried up dirt, grime and mildew
  • Cleaning the interior and exterior of the windows
  • Maintenance of the windows
  • Prevention of expensive window repairs in future

Just like you value your customers, we do ours.  We make business windows squeaky clean without costing you unreasonable money.  

Count on us once and experience the difference we make.

Tucker Pole (Exterior Windows)

We use water-fed tucker poles for windows that are just impossible to reach by ladder, this is a popular choice by our commercial clients and anyone with hard to reach windows or skylights. The water-fed tucker pole allows our technicians to clean windows much faster, making the service cheaper, and will even clean the frames while they’re at i

Window Cleaning by Hand (Inside & Outside)

If we can reach a window, we’ll clean it by hand. Hand cleaning windows results in a beautiful streak-free “crystal clear” shine. We can do both interior and exterior windows this way, we’ll even wipe the ledges while we’re up there. Nothing beats our organic glass cleaning solution, a squeegee and one of our trained technicians!

The downside to this method is that it does leave water marks on the glass and doesn’t give you that “crystal clean” look you get with our hand washing methods.

Window & Glass Restoration

If your windows are covered in hard water marks or have acrylic, paint or other materials stuck on your windows, don’t fret! Give us a call and ask us about our glass restoration services. With 30+ years in this business we’ve seen and dealt with everything and can get your windows looking great again.

North Shore Home Services

Frequently Asked Questions

For residential exterior windows, we recommend getting your windows professionally cleaned twice a year. For interior windows, we recommend getting them cleaned quarterly as they may get dirty due to smoking, fireplace smoke, cigarette smoke and more.

Commercial properties are recommended to get their windows cleaned more often. For instance, restaurants and retail spaces should get their windows cleaned once every two months. 

Getting your windows cleaned professionally is not pricey. As you understand, the cost is dependent on size, shape, number of windows, and ease of access.

So the best thing for you to do is to contact us and share the window cleaning needs for an estimate.

We also provide special offers during the off-season months.

Yes, we carry all necessary supplies including a ladder for windows and other cleaning services in Vancouver. So, you can sit back and relax as we do the cleaning job for you.

Yes, absolutely! We also make sure that our staff is properly trained to provide you with high-quality window cleaning services without causing any damage. All the window cleaning solutions are safe and effective.

100% client satisfaction is what we aim for!

North Shore Home Services provides year-round window cleaning service in Vancouver. We clean windows in cold, snowy, hot and humid weather. We still clean windows for homes in the rain as long as it is not raining hard. Light rain will not affect our technicians from cleaning the windows.