Gutter Repair Specialty Gutters: Hidden & Built-in Membrane Gutters

Replacement of rotten fascia, cap flashing and gutter membrane

Built in or hidden EPDM membrane gutter repair is too challenging for some companies, but not for North Shore Home Services. Our experience allows us to maintain these complex systems

These kinds of unique systems can be challenging because they may have been built with the home, possibly by framers who didn’t understand drainage very well. These drains may need frequent maintenance because they don’t have adequate slope.

EPDM Gutter Membrane Solutions

Water overflow is one of the most common problems with these systems, and it most often happens because there isn’t a downpipe. Any dripping or staining in your soffits is evidence that your gutter system is currently leaking. That kind of damage can cause serious damage to your home.

You need fast solutions, and we can help:

1. Copper roof drain replacement, with a wider drain where applicable.
2. Secondary gutter installation to make up for missing or inadequate downpipes.
3. Minor repairs are also available. It’s a simple matter for us to re-seal small leaks or tears in the membrane. We can also re-connect any downspouts that have seperated. In some cases, leak damage may have caused more substantial damage in the underlying fascia board. We can help with that, too.

Many other solutions are also possible. We can expand your current gutters by adding new, larger fascia board. This allows your system to carry more water, which allows it to drain more water more quickly.

Unique Strategies

We offer custom solutions to custom gutter systems. Tell us about your unique needs, and we’ll be able to tell you what kind of solutions we can offer.