Pressure Washing & Steam Cleaning in Vancouver

Pressure Washing Stone Walkway - Vancouver, BCCall the pressure washing and steam cleaning pros at North Shore Home Services when you need surface cleaning in Vancouver or the surrounding areas. Our team is highly trained and well-equipped to safely and effectively handle any job.

Stains and Growths Removed

We can wash just about anything off of your surfaces, including: moss, green algae, black stains (from acid rain), oil stains, tire marks, rust and more.

Home Services

Our pressure washing and steam cleaning services are perfect for homeowners. Our professionals can easily clear these common home surfaces: -Vinyl -Wood -Concrete -Patios -Railings -Retaining Walls -Walkways -Paving Stones -Driveways -Tennis Courts -Pool Decks -Outdoor furniture.

We’re also able to clean many other services, even those that are fragile. Call us and tell us what you need cleaned and we’ll be able to tell you how we can help.

Commercial Services

We can clean some of the toughest stains left by man and machinery. Our trained techs and powerful equipment can bring the shine back to: Storefronts -Warehouses -Loading Bays -Garbage Areas -Parking Lots -Fleet Vehicles. We can customize our equipment for all kinds of surfaces. Please call if you have special needs that aren’t covered in the list above.

Hot Water & Steam Pressure Washing

We recommend this service for sensitive areas. This method uses only 1/3 of the pressure compared to our normal pressure washers, so it’s safer for more fragile surfaces. It’s also the best ar removing -Tire Marks -Oil Stains -Gum -Other Oil-Based products

Rust Mark Removal

Even the most stubborn rust marks are no match for our specialty cleaners and light sandblasting methods. Our sandblasting mix is heavy on water to protect the surface underneath the stains.

Available All Around Vancouver

We are available throughout the Lower Mainland. We offer pressure washing and power cleaning in, Surrey, Richmond and many other towns in the area. Call today to get started.