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Though your solid exterior surfaces are hardy and can seemingly stand up to anything Mother Nature can throw at them, even concrete, brick and stone work will fail over time. The sun, wind and rain– combined with snow, ice and freeze-thaw cycles– heavily degrade even the most rock-solid structures. Concrete, due to its porous properties, is particularly vulnerable.
And when you add in salting, shoveling, automobile fluids and all other ‘foreign’ substances that touch your surfaces, it’s easy to see why their lifespan gets seriously jeopardized.
Let’s face it: you can’t stop weathering, but you can minimize its effect by properly sealing these surfaces. Besides the obvious benefit, sealed walks and driveways also don’t have to be cleaned as often and are nicer to shovel, since ice and dirt can’t easily attach themselves to the surface.

The Home Of The Best Sealers and Glaze

Our eco-friendly water-based concrete sealer and glaze is top-of-the-line and contains clear drying acrylic solids. These are important, as they assist the sealer in defending against cracks, dusting, efflorescence, stains, abrasion, freeze-thaw damage and de-icing salts. The more solids around, the more powerful defense the glaze musters up.
Keep ugly stains away with powerful concrete sealer

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Simple Sealing Solutions For Driveways, Walkways And More

Concrete is notoriously terrible for showing ugly marks, whether its in your walkways, pool deck, driveway or patio. This is easily brought on from acid rain, tire marks, oil drips and the organic plant matter and algae growth that loves wet B.C. winters.
To defend against this inevitable ugliness, you can apply a powerful driveway sealer. It comes in flat, semi-gloss or glaze finishes.
Which finish is best in what scenario? Well, flat is recommended for steep incline driveways, while semi-gloss and glaze work best with exposed aggregate, slate walkways and decking and granite retaining walls.
Aside from its cosmetic improvements to the eye, our clear sealers protect and enhance driveways and pathways of all kinds. This is true with stenciled, stamped, coloured and broomed concrete, exposed aggregate and stone or slate.
Whatever surface you’re looking at, rest assured, we’ve got the answer for you.
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