Experienced North Shore Roof Cleaning

Our North Shore and neighboring areas are beautiful to behold in the fall. However, fall also brings necessary chores like garden raking and roof cleaning. The climatic conditions of the region mean that roofs need to be cleaned regularly of all debris and allowed to breathe to prevent unwanted organic growths.

Cleaning Pine Needles and Other Debris

North Shore Home Service can clean the roof of your home or commercial building of pine needles and other debris by using an air blower. Rest assured, our trained and experienced cleaners will not let the needles litter your yard. We will rake them up, sparing you the chore of raking your garden for at least one weekend.
North Shore Home Services roof Leaf removal
Air Blowing Stubborn Pine Needles And Debris

Roof Moss Removal

Moss and algae spores are airborne and land on your roof all the time. They need moisture and organic matter to survive and multiply. When the roof is not cleaned of debris like pine needles, the conditions are ideal for the growth of moss and algae.
Cleaning these growths from the roof of your home or commercial building is more difficult. The shingles cannot be power or pressure washed as this can damage them. Instead, North Shore Home Services will use steam cleaning methods to dislodge the moss and algae clumps without damaging the shingles.
If our cleaners have to climb on the roof, they use special fall protection gear and ensure that the roof is completely cleaned. Our cleaners can even get rid of the ugly black stain marks caused by moss clumps. Make use of our roof cleaning and moss removal services to enjoy a clean roof again without having to replace it!
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Want to know why you’re getting moss and stains, what to do about it and avoid popular misconceptions about roof cleaning? It’s all here in our informative Guide to Roof Stains. Download it by clicking right here

Annual Roof Cleaning Package

North Shore Home Services recommends that home owners get their roofs cleaned at regular intervals to ensure that there is no buildup of moss and algae. You can either schedule regular roof cleaning, or opt for our annual package that ensures crystal clean roofs that won’t suffer (looks-wise and structurally).

Our expertise ensures that your roof is clear of debris, moss, and algae without any damage to the shingles. And attention to detail is vitally important: unlike other contractors out there, our cleaners take pride in ensuring that they do not litter the yard when they clean your roof, but instead leave the yard cleaner than it was when we found it.

Below are just a few examples of our meticulous roof cleaning work in action. Get a roof you can be proud of again!