2015 Paint Colour Trends


Choosing paint colour can be quite taxing on people. With the amount of colour choices in the marketplace, and companies now being able to essentially match any colour sample you provide them, makes this a near impossible task. So it seems. However experts in the paint industry like sharing choice colours to help, not only make the decision a little easier, but to bring you some innovative ideas and concepts when thinking of what colours to pick for the different rooms in your home.

If you’re a little on the shier side of colour selection, don’t fret. There are plenty of colourful neutrals to pick from and you can always add a splash of colour with accessories and other easily changeable items, like furniture, chairs, window treatments and other items. Additionally, these accents can be changed to match the seasons as well for those who prefer more frequent changes.

Deep and Dark for the Bedroom

Your bedroom is a place to relax, and sleep. What’s more relaxing than deep and dark colours, like a dark sexy teal, bleu-ish greys, deep purples, and dark fuschias?Transform your bedroom into a relaxing, inviting and dreamy oasis, one that’s sure to put the zzz’s back in sleep.

Bathroom Pastels

When thinking about bathroom colours, women will know that your master bathroom should always remain light so you can put your makeup on without any issues. However, how about painting the other bathrooms lighter colours as well? Pastels are like a gentle whisper of colour in a room, and where else do you need a gentle whisper than a light and airy bathroom? Pastels also allow you to add pops of colour with the accent pieces in the room, like the shower curtain, hand and face towels, floor mats, soaps, and other accents and decorations instead. Think light pink, light blue or even a light yellowy-green.


Funky Accent Walls

Sometimes you just want to be different. Add a spark of colour with a fun and funky accent wall for your dining or living room, as well as spare bedrooms or basement great rooms. Experts often recommend choosing the wall with a window, or a wall that has a lot of light on it; this will allow you to keep the focus on the colour as well as ensure the room is extra bright. When painting a room with a stand-out bright-coloured wall, be sure to pair that accent colour with complimentary neutrals so as to not overwhelm the room, but also so that the colour really stands out and puts its best foot forward. This year’s go-to funky colours include perfect purple, bright magenta and royal blue.


Cozy Kitchens

Nowadays neutrals aren’t just the beiges, browns, greys and whites. Neutrals come in a variety of colour palettes and include favourites like blues, greens, pinks, purples and of course browns. When selecting your kitchen palette, think about organic food colours and hues that will bring your food to life. Orangey peaches, mulberry wine, snap pea green, caffe latte (or mocha).



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