9 Ways to Update Your Home’s Curb Appeal With These Easy Tips


Addressing the issue of your home’s curb appeal is a big one, especially when you’re thinking about selling or renting your home. You want to make sure the exterior is as inviting as the interior and that your house isn’t the sore spot of the neighbourhood. After all, curb appeal does affects home prices in your community.

Here are a few simple ideas to dress up the outside of your home. Some can be done in an afternoon, while others may take a little more time. Regardless, they will all help add value to your home, and in the end, you might not want to leave.

The Front Door

The front door is the focal point of any home. As such, it should be treated as one of the most important elements. Adding a splash of colour, installing a new door with window panes, updating the hardware are all different things you can do to spruce it up.

Symmetry is Key

When adding elements to your decor, make sure everything is symmetrical. Symmetry is simple yet pleasing to the eye, whether it’s light fixtures, planters, hardware and other items.

Fresh Coat Of Paint

Of course, a fresh coat of paint to the exterior of your home, as well as all the trims, will surely add a simple yet noticeable update. Be sure to power wash the outside surface to remove any chipping paint, dirt, dust and grime before starting to ensure a smooth job.

Walkways and Driveways

Dress up your entrance with some stone, tile or interlocking. A professionally designed (and installed) walkway definitely adds some curb appeal even to those homes that don’t need it. If you have the space, why not widen your driveway by adding stone or brick to either side that way you can move your car(s) more readily and you’re framing your driveway. These elements will visually draw a visitor’s eyes directly to the front and garage doors, the most noticeable parts of your home.

Sculptures Etc.

Whether it’s a water feature, wind chimes, or a garden gnome, adding little whimsical touches to your grounds will also add a fun touch to your style, and maybe even leave people guessing.

Lighting The Path

You can purchase landscape lighting at any do-it-yourself centre. You can install these lights near your front door, along your walkway and under trees to add a decorative element that also functions as a security element.


Planting trees and flowers in front of your home will help add visual appeal as well. Beautifully coloured flowers will make people literally want to stop and smell the roses, and give a nice contrast to the colours on your house. While trees will live on long after you’ve moved away. Speak to someone at your local nursery about the plants, trees and flowers that are optimal for Lower Mainland weather.


Even if Canada Post is phasing out at-home delivery services, a nice old-school mailbox at the front of your entrance will really make people feel at home. Pick a style and colour to match your overall design concept, but also have fun with it. Leave dog biscuits in there for the neighbourhood pups, or love letters for your spouse.

Window Boxes, Shutters and Accent Trim

Installing window boxes to plant flowers, or adding trim and shutters to your windows will definitely give your home that extra touch. Shutters also play an added role of controlling the light that comes in from outside as well as provide extra security. These items can be made of different materials like PVC, vinyl, aluminum and wood so it’s important to pick something that works with your budget and your design style.

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