Aftermarket Gutter Screening Options – No Debris is Good Debris

An option for gutter screening

Keeping leaves, and debris out of your eaves trough is obviously in your best interest.

This can mean regularly scheduled cleaning intervals by yourself or your local contractor, or to reduce the amount of maintenance required, some type of gutter screening system or leaf guard can be installed.

 Your Gutter Screening Options

You may be surprised by the number of options, when you look into improving upon the basic gutter system. We will look at a few different types in this blog, covering a range of applications, but all serving the purpose of preventing clogged gutters and the accompanying headaches I’m sure most of us have had.

If you already have gutters installed, a couple aftermarket screening options that are available are a cover type leaf guard and aluminum gutter screens.

Cover Type Leaf Guard

The cover type leaf guard is typically a slightly curved cover with a narrow grooved opening along the front edge. This design, or similar ones, lets the rainwater flow smoothly across the cover and, due to the waters surface tension, into the narrow gutter opening, while large debris and leaves pass over and are shed from the roof.

Aluminum Gutter Screening

Aluminum gutter screens, which are basically formed sheets of metal perforated with holes, can also be clipped into existing gutter systems. Typically a lower profile, meaning they are less noticeable than the cover, they allow water through the small holes, while keeping the larger debris from entering. While perhaps not shedding the debris in the same way as the curved leaf guard, once debris has dried it is able to blow away with any wind.

Both of these styles can be had in short lengths for installation after the fact, as a retrofit and, with many variations and different price points, are a good option for improving your existing system.

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