Are there any any tricks out there to control the moss on my roof?

In case we haven’t noticed, we live in a rain forest.  Seriously!  UBC has a room dedicated to it:

Whenever you get our rain, with our socked in clouds, this creates the perfect enviroment for algae, moss and other plants to grow anywhere.

I’m not a scientist, but obviously the sun somehow inhibits or slows down moss growth because the worst areas on any house or building is always the norths sides – the sides that the sun doesn’t reach in the Greater Vancouver area.

When we are at a customers house usually doing gutter cleaning or gutter repairs, customers ask me all the time about roof cleaning?  Do we do it?  If you don’t, can we suggest a good roof cleaning company?  There are always a few students out there willing to powerwash a cedar roof, and a couple roof cleaning companies that pop up over the years that might even treat a roof, but typically non of them last.

Over the years, I have tried a few things to clean a roof – sometimes they work, some times they don’t.  One of the best tips I ever received for roof cleaning was from a customer who calls up one day and asks if we can come to his house and spread some Tide with Bleach (powder) on his roof?  I didn’t know how to respond.

He was from Saskatchewan, and said everyone was doing it.  The actual bleach in the powder would activate with the rain and kill the moss and green algae growth on your roof!  We tried it and what do you know – it worked!

Since then, we’ve found you can actually easily obtain eco-friendly actual bleach powder that works a little better.  Try this tip next time you see some moss on your roof and do it yourself to save a few bucks.

Of course you can always call us (shameless plug) as we have slowly mastered the art of roof cleaning.

As usual, thanks for reading, and I always appreciate feedback.

Troy Thompson


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