Basic tools you should own


There are certain things that happen as you grow up and become an adult. One of them is you start to acquire certain basic tools. These are the types of things you accumulate for basic home repairs and furniture you need to assemble. If you’ve never done handy work or DIY projects then you probably have a few screwdrivers and Ikea alan keys.

To fill the gaps in your setup here is a list of basic tools you should own.

A toolbox

You will first need to buy a toolbox or some sort of storage system. You don’t want all these lovely tools sitting in a heap or ending up in random places. Keep them organized and they’ll be right there when you need them.


Many home maintenance projects will require the use of at least one type of screwdriver. You will need both Philips or x-shaped and flat head or straight screwdrivers. They come in a number of different lengths and attachments styles. They also come in different tip sizes. Buy a basic set of each type so you can reach in different situations and a variety of sizes for different sizes of screws.


A level lets you judge whether things are straight. You want to be sure that that shelf or picture you’re hanging is in fact level.


You’ll need a hammer to put in nails, tap things and pull out nails.

Adjustable wrench

This wrench can be adjusted to fit whatever size of bolt or item you need. Adjust as you go instead of fiddling to find the perfect size.


These are essential for gripping things. Whether you need to pinch, pull, bend or hold something pliers are a must have.

Wrench set

These wrenches come in premade sizes and can do things an adjustable wrench just can’t. You will want to get a wide range for all sorts of different tasks. Make sure not to lose any.

Tape measure

You’ll need a tape measure to make sure that all of those cuts are the right size or to make sure that furniture fits. There are many uses for tape measures. They come in different lengths and widths.

Utility knife

Utility knives are great for opening and cutting things. They can be used creatively for many different applications.

Allen keys

These hexagonal tools are useful for turning some types of screws. They are most common on bicycles and in furniture that needs to be assembled. They come in different sizes so you will need to buy a set.

Flashlight or work light

At some point in time you will need to repair something in a space that is dark or poorly lite. Having a flashlight or work light will illuminate the space so you can get your repair done. You can also use a camping style headlight.


You will need a ladder to get to hard to reach areas. This applies to tasks ranging from getting objects off high shelves, hanging things and changing light bulbs.

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