Benefits of a professional window cleaning


Windows are an important part of your home. When they start getting gross and streaky it’s time to clean them. Interior windows can be cleaned relatively easily. Exterior windows can be trickier. Some are difficult or dangerous to get to. Others are awkward. On a beautiful weekend afternoon you’d rather be out enjoying life than thinking about the grime on your windows.

Professional window cleanings offer a number of benefits including saving you time and the ability to get to hard to reach areas.

Better clean

A professional window cleaner has the tools and experience to get an excellent clean on a window. While most homeowners are capable of washing their interior windows they don’t have that same level of skill.

When it comes to exterior windows the average person will find it awkward or risky to get at them. This distracts from the quality of cleaning that does happen if you get up on a ladder to do it.

Your windows will last longer

Routine cleaning is the best way to make every part of your home last a long time. Windows are no exception. With time your windows will collect dust and dirt. They may oxidize or be exposed to corrosive materials. Everyday wear from wind, rain and snow builds up. If you clean your windows on a regular basis you get the dirt and contaminants off before they cause damage. Leaving them to build up will only result in damage and wear.

Can identify signs of wear and damage

While cleaning your windows professional cleaners can identify signs of wear and problems that your windows may be having. The average homeowner may be distracted or unaware of these.

Windows and glass that are covered in hard watermarks or have other forms of damage may need restoration or repair. Professionals can offer this service on it’s own, as part of a conversation about window cleaning or in follow up to something they noticed during a cleaning.


If your home is more than one story tall it can be difficult to access and clean windows higher up. Ladders can be dangerous to work on. Some will put off cleanings again and again because they don’t want to have to work off the ground. Cleaners have the training and equipment needed to access those areas.

What to expect during a cleaning

Professional crews restore windows to their original cleanliness and sparkle. The method they use for cleaning your windows will depend on where they are. Both the inside and outside of windows will be cleaned. In addition window frames and ledges are cleaned off.

When a window is within reach hand cleaning with an organic window solution and a squeegee is the method used for a streak free shine. For windows higher up a water-fed tucker pole can get to areas that ladders can’t get at. This method allows for faster cleaning but leaves watermarks because it is not squeegeed.

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