Best Ways to Deal with Fall Leaves


You may love that fall has come and the temperatures are getting cooler. In some parts of the country, you may have skipped right past fall and gone straight to winter and heavy snow. Whether you are enjoying a milder fall or you already have snow fall, you are still dealing with leaf fall, as well.

If your property has a lot of trees, you may feel like you never stop raking up leaves. As soon as you clear the yard, you get a fresh batch. You may start to have so many leaves that you don’t know what to do with them. Here are a few ideas for how best to use or dispose of all those fall leaves:

Bag Them

What most people do with fall leaves is either rake or blow them into a pile and then bag them. You can buy the bags at a home improvement store for a dollar or two each. Fill the bags to the brim, and set them on the curb for your yard waste collection.

Every municipality has different rules for yard waste collection. You may be limited to how many bags you can put out at one time, for example. Just make sure you follow the rules so you don’t risk the bags being left on your curb. Also make sure you pack the leaves in the bags so you fill them as full as possible. The bags don’t hold much, and you will quickly fill the bags without making much of a dent in your yard.

Push them into a Natural Area

If you are lucky enough to have a large yard or piece of property, you likely have an area where you don’t grow grass or other plants. Instead, there may be overgrowth or dense trees. You can blow or rake the leaves into this area and leave them to decompose naturally. The leaves won’t detract from your landscaping because they will be in a place that was never developed.

Mow Them

You don’t have to spend hours raking leaves to get rid of them. Just get out your lawnmower and mow them at the same time you mow your grass. You can even mow your leaves if your grass doesn’t need to be mowed. The leaves will be shredded into little bits that you can leave on the lawn to nourish your grass.

You can even mow your leaves if you have a thick layer. You may have to make a few passes, but you can get them into small enough bits that you won’t have to rake them. You could also mow with the bag on the mower to collect the leaves.

Mulch Them

Mowing your leaves can also turn them into mulch that you can use in flower beds and other parts of your property. You don’t even have to mow the leaves to turn them into mulch. You can just dump leaves on your flower beds or even your garden. The thick layer of leaves will keep out the weeds and protect your plants during the winter.

Push the leaves to the side of your plants if you want them to get enough sun. However, you can just dump leaves over the whole bed if the plants lie dormant for the winter, such as flower bulbs that won’t re-emerge until spring. Leaves are the perfect cover for your garden if you don’t plan to grow anything through the winter. Just like with your lawn, the leaves will nourish the soil and make it more amenable to growing in the spring.

Compost Them

Making your own compost is a great way to recycle organic materials while also creating a valuable soil amendment for your plants. You can create your own compost bin from a few pieces of lumber, or you can buy a bin. Fill it with “green” materials like food scraps and old veggies from your garden. Then add “browns,” such as cardboard, newspaper or dead leaves.

The browns tend to break down more quickly in the compost pile than the greens, so adding your fall leaves will help keep the pile fresh. Add a big batch every week or so to keep the compost pile healthy.

Managing fall leaves doesn’t have to be a full-time job. Use these simple tips to get the leaves out of your yard and possibly to turn thenm into something more useful, like mulch or compost. You’ll create a beautiful yard and minimize your work time.

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