Exterior Accents to Consider for Your Home


When you decide to remodel your home, you may be thinking exclusively of the interior. It is, after all, what you see every day and what most influences your enjoyment of your home. However, the exterior of your home could have an even bigger impact on your home’s value. The exterior features of your home contribute to its curb appeal, which can make a better first impression to speed its sale and command more.

There are a lot more things you can do to upgrade your exterior besides put on a fresh coat of paint. Here are a few exterior accents to consider for your home:


Shutters are standard features on many homes, and they create nice framing accents for your windows. If you do not have shutters on your home, consider adding them. If you already have shutters on your home, consider trying out different styles.

Most shutters are just faux shutters that are hung for the style. However, some shutters are actually functional and can be closed to provide protection against storms. When they are closed, they create a quaint, rustic look for your home.

Some shutters are slatted, while others are solid wood. Some cover the whole window, while others only cover the bottom half. Try out different styles to see what changes they can make to your home’s exterior.


Awnings were popular on older buildings, but they are making a comeback in home decor. These cloth coverings provide shade over windows while also creating a nice decorative accent. They can be paired with shutters or can stand alone.

Experiment with different colors and patterns in your awnings to get different looks. Stripes are a classic choice, but solid colors, polka dots, and other patterns can look lovely, as well. If you pair the awnings with shutters, you can use the same colors for both, or you can experiment with complementary pairs.


Different style doors can create different looks for your exterior. Simply repainting the door a bold color can create an accent against the exterior, such as a red or navy door on a white home.
Door styles can also be quite decorative, such as double doors, glass doors, and carved doors. These different styles can create a quirky, rustic, or sophisticated look, depending on which you choose.

Stone Facing

You don’t have to buy a home built of brick to get the look of brick or stone. You can apply stone facing directly to concrete and other sidings. The stone is not the same thickness of the raw materials. Instead, it is about half the width so that it can be applied to the existing structure.

You can create a lot of different looks with stone facing. In addition to a traditional brick style, you can also create a natural stone look, including flagstone, travertine and more.


Railings are needed not only for safety, but they can also create decorative accents. You can use them around your entryways, balconies, porches, decks, and walkways. You can choose from designs that include wooden banisters, iron rails, picket fences, and decorative scrollwork. Your choice in railing design can be the difference between creating a rustic, country look or a sophisticated and luxurious look for a high-end home.


The exterior or your home extends far beyond the walls themselves. Walkways leading up to and surrounding your home are included in the exterior. You can replace or build a walkway to improve the exterior of your home.

Consider how a natural stone walkway will look leading up to your door, or try out a cobblestone design leading to your door or your garage. Don’t forget the way lighting can change the look, as well.

Most homes have a driveway, and it is typically either a concrete drive or gravel. Cobblestone and brick pavers can be used to create a truly sophisticated driveway that can greatly improve the curb appeal of your home. Patterns can also be included in the driveway design, creating an unforgettable style.

Many people consider the exterior of their homes to be unchangeable other than the paint color or perhaps some new siding. However, there are many things you can do to change the look of your home’s exterior, the easiest of which include the decorative accents. Consider adding or changing accents like shutters, doors, awnings and railings to your home to get a new look. Branch out to walkways and even your driveway to make an even bigger change.

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