Fascia explained


In medicine fascia refers to connective tissue. Unlike ligaments and tendons they surround muscle groups instead of connecting them. When it comes to your home fascia plays a similar role. It is an important part of the drainage structures of the exterior of a building that include soffit, eaves and your gutters.

In an architectural context fascia refers to a panel, strip or band under the edge of a roof. It also includes the outer surface of any projecting part of a wall such as molding and coronas. Fascia is visible when you look at the outside of a house. It can also refer to trim on a door that is different from the nearby wall. This is a less common usage.

Fascia is commonly made out of wood, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or metal. Since wood is prone to rotting PVC has become a more common material for fascia in recent years. Historically fascia was often made of stone and included decorative carvings. Fascia was often plain and placed above a column.

Here at North Shore Home Services we have fascia, soffit and siding in a range of materials including wood, vinyl, aluminum and Hardie board. We also carry vinyl siding. There are a variety of styles of soffit. Our selection includes regular, beaded and hidden. They come in a range of colours. Wood choices include cedar and pine for a classic rustic look. Precast concrete trim is available to add decorative flare.

You will find fascia at the point where rafters stick out from a building structure. Fascia is often used to hold up rain gutters. It also seals off your roof and rafters from the outside. Below this you find the soffit and eaves. Fascia plays an important role in keeping your home dry and is an integral part of your home’s overall drainage system.

It is also important because the style of fascia you chose or that your home comes with is visible to anyone on the street or coming to visit you. The aesthetic of your home is influenced by the fascia you have. Fascia that is in good shape helps improve the value and appearance of your home. Whether to a visitor, a passer by or a prospective homebuyer run down, out of style or damaged fascia makes your home look bad.

When staging your home before selling it is important to spruce up the outside as well as the inside. New fascia, soffit or gutters can be an easy way to do this. Upgrading fascia and soffit while replacing siding is another way to improve the look of your home or to redecorate.

In Vancouver and the lower mainland we offer soffit and fascia board installation. Get in touch today with any questions you have about fascia, soffit, installation or our selection. We are happy to help. Our installation is available for many different types of structures. Regardless of whether it’s a single family home, duplex, row house, townhouse or a commercial building there are many different options to choose from. We customize every project to the needs of each specific home.

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