Garden tool storage tips


Spring and summer are a beautiful time. Those with a green thumb get to garden and watch their plants grow. Aspiring gardeners give growing a try. Some grow vegetables and herbs to eat and cook with. The rest of us do what we can to have an attractive yard. With all this yard work and gardening come a number of garden tools that need storing.

Finding space for your garden tools and an organized way of storing them is essential to making the most of the growing season. Here are some garden storage tips that will keep everything in its place in your garage or shed.

Use baskets

Whether it’s an old bike basket, Easter basket or some baskets you bought at a flea market baskets are an excellent storage solution. You can hang them on walls or use them to organize shelves. Keep similar objects together in a basket. Store high use objects in a basket on the wall or near the door of your garage or shed. For objects that you still need but don’t use very often keep them in a basket on a high shelf or out of the way.

Hang hoses

Hoses can be a tangled pain that look messy and are always in the way. Put up hooks to keep them on. That way they won’t get bent or kinked. They’ll be hanging nicely when you need them and have a place to be put back when you’re done.

Have a caddy or carrier

Get a caddy or carrier you can put the tools and plants you’re going to be using in. It will make them easy to carry out of the garage or shed and around your yard as you work.

Keep high use tools together

There are certain garden tools you use all the time. Whether it’s a weeder, a hoe or something else it’s a tool that you use pretty much every time you’re in the yard. Keep these items in a basket, organizer or caddy together. That way they’re ready to go and easy to find.

Stack crates

Crates can be inexpensive and beautiful. Whether you buy them at Ikea or a garage sale they can be stacked to make shelves and to organize items. When you’re happy with the shape connect them with screws to keep the crates stable.

Use drawer organizers

For tool storage especially in drawers there is nothing better than having an efficient ready made storage solution available. Buy cutlery and utensil drawer organizers at your local home store to keep tools in. No more shuffling around in a crowded disorganized drawer.

Get a tool hanger

Tools with long handles go great in a tool hanger. This gets them out of the way but also keeps them accessible. This is a great way to make use of narrow spaces in your garage or shed.

Get a cabinet

If you don’t have a shed or garage but still love to garden store your tools and supplies in a cabinet. Have the cabinet be only for garden tools and place it near the door to the yard, deck or balcony where you do your gardening. This is a great way to make a dedicated space for your tools.

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