Home maintenance for busy people


Between work and having a life it can be difficult to do all the little cleaning things you are supposed to or want to do. You home or condo can quickly start to look like a mess and you get frustrated. Keeping your cleaning routine simple and streamlined is key to making the most of your cleaning. Even if you’re busy you can still fit cleaning into your life. If not you can always hire a maid service.

Use small bits of time

Fit in little bits of cleaning while you have time. Trying to kill ten minutes before you leave for plans or waiting for someone to come over? This is the perfect time to dust or wipe down the counter.

Make a schedule

There are home cleaning and maintenance apps you can download, you can write it down or you can put it in Google Calendar. Regardless make a schedule of when you are doing certain things. They can be weekly, monthly or quarterly tasks. Set aside the last Sunday of the month for monthly tasks or Monday nights for weekly tasks.

Clean as you go

The best time to clean up a mess is right after you make it. If you spill something or an appliance breaks deal with it right away. Don’t put stuff off and let it pile up. Wash dishes or put them in the dishwasher after you finish using them. Clean while you are waiting for water to boil.

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Some things don’t have to be cleaned all the time. You can dust when things look dirty and ignore it the rest of the time. Much like writing papers in university you have to do what’s necessary rather than making it perfect. Leave things that don’t matter as much until they bug you.

Squeegee the shower

If you have a glass shower get a squeegee or cloth to wipe it down with after showers. This prevents streaks and hard water buildups that can be a nightmare to get rid of.

Clear clutter

Don’t let things pile up and get cluttered. Be in the habit of putting things away and having a spot for everything. Otherwise you’ll have a home over run by things and no ability to find them when you really need them.

Get rid of stuff

Over time your home will fill up. There will be clothes you no longer wear and that dish you were given in secret Santa but never used. You don’t have space for everything. Only keep items that you are using for something. Periodic garage sales or donations to charity will keep your home from filling up.

Clean out your fridge on garbage day

Fridges can easily become a terrifying nightmare. Left for too long it can be hard to tell what is edible and what has grown several new life forms. Keep on top of left overs and produce so you don’t waste money on food you don’t eat. Clean out your fridge on the day they collect the trash in your neighbourhood. Make sure to put food in your yard scraps bin.

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