How To Effectively Clean Your Granite Countertops


We all love our beautiful granite countertops. Whether they’re in the kitchen or bathroom, they add a touch of elegance to any surface. But how can you effectively clean granite without ruining the stone?

Many countertop professionals might try to sell you on the idea that you absolutely need a granite-specific cleaner and nothing else will do. Well, ladies and gentlemen, this actually is not true. There is a great, and inexpensive, solution to cleaning your granite. And we want to share it with you!

First, let’s tackle some important questions about granite countertops.

The Most Important Thing To Know

The most important thing to know about having granite countertops is that they need to be sealed, and sealed properly. Granite isn’t as porous as marble, however it still requires a good sealant in order to maintain its strength and to ensure nothing damages the stone.

The best way to determine if your granite has been sealed properly is to put a few drops of water on the counter. If you see the water bead up, you have yourself a sealed counter. However, if the water is absorbed after a few minutes, you need to reseal the granite.

Once you’re certain your granite is sealed, you can rest assured that your countertop will be (mostly) resistant to bacteria. This means that all you have to do is give your countertop a regular wipe down and ensure it stays clean daily. Basically, the same thing you would do regardless of whether it was granite or otherwise.

If you are interested in making your own disinfectant, mix one part isopropyl alcohol (91% rubbing alcohol) with one part water. Spray the mixture on your counter and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Rinse it off with water and give your counter a good wipe.

Don’t Use Harsh and Abrasive Chemicals On Granite

The best thing to remember is to not use things like Windex, bleach or ammonia-based cleaning products, including vinegar, lemon, etc. These products tend to break down the sealant on your granite and will leave your counter vulnerable to bacteria and other problems.

The best thing to use for your counter, once you’ve ensured it is properly sealed, is to use warm, soapy water and a little rubbing alcohol if you insist (see above). Companies will tout their granite-specific cleaners, but you don’t really need those. Sure, you can buy them and know they will work and probably work well. But why spend the money if you know you have what it takes to clean at home already?  

The Easiest (and Cheapest) Granite Cleaning Solution

All you need is warm water, mild or gentle dish soap, a dish cloth and either a microfiber or terrycloth and isopropyl alcohol, which is optional.

In a bowl or in your sink, mix warm water with a bit of dish soap. Using your clean dish cloth, soak it in the soapy water and wipe down your counter with it. Once you’ve cleaned the entire surface, rinse it off with some water, and then use the the dry microfiber or terrycloth to dry off the granite. This will ensure a streak-free finish.

As mentioned before, to disinfect your countertop regularly mix isopropyl alcohol with water and leave the mixture on the counter for a few minutes. Then rinse with water and dry off the counter. And voilà – a streak-free, and disinfected, granite countertop!

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