How to teach your kids about taking care of and maintaining a home


There are many skills it is important to teach your child. How to take care of a home and living space is just as important as being able to cook or tie their shoes. One day they will have a home of their own that needs repairing and maintenance. Getting them involved in everyday household tasks, explaining maintenance to them while you do it and giving them constructive chores are all good ways of teaching them and preparing them to live on their own one day. Most of these suggestions are targeted at children eight years old and upwards.


Get your kids started doing their own laundry. Show them how to wash and dry items. Teach them to read labels. Tell them how often things like sheets, towels and jeans need to be washed. Being able to remove tough stains is a rare skill. Teach them the techniques you use. They should also be able to fold and put away clothes.

Cleaning floors

Sweeping and mopping may be simple and easy skills but they are important to know how to do. Teach your children to sweep into a pile and what motions to use. Once they have mastered sweeping you can get your kids started on mopping. Show them how to get the water ready, how to wring it out and how to clean the floor with it.

Teach them how to vacuum

Once they’re old enough to be able to push a vacuum around explain to your child how a vacuum works, how to use it safely, how to stop it from getting clogged and how to push it around. Have them start helping out with vacuuming around the house.

Unclog a toilet

Eventually your child will have to deal with a clogged toilet. If they’re around and there is one in your house take them with you and show them how to do it or you can get out the plunger and take them through an explanation of it.

Teach them about tools

Show your children different tools and explain what they’re for. Have a way for them to practice. You can get them to screw something in and then unscrew it for example.

Take things apart

Have old electronics or appliances that your child can take apart and dissect. You can even challenge them to put them back together again when they’re done.

Talk to them about safety

Safety is an important part of any home maintenance they do. Whether it’s working with tools or cleaning always emphasize the importance of wearing the proper protective equipment and being careful.

Clean the bathroom

Proper bathroom cleaning can contribute to good sanitation and keep a home looking respectable. Teach them to clean the shower. If you have a glass shower door teach them to squeegee it after use. If you have a shower curtain tell them how to let it dry out after use. Teach them to wipe the sink and counter. Get them to clean the toilet. Tell them how to this and what frequency it needs to be cleaned with.

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