Keeping Your Home Dry with Gutter Repairs and Screening Installation

Gutter repair

No matter where you live in British Columbia, you’ll probably agree that the trees scattered throughout the area are beautiful to look at when they are in full bloom (until they force an unnecessary gutter repair on you). Unfortunately, when the leaves begin to land on your roof, not only do the trees lose some of their attractiveness, but your home’s gutters begin to get clogged.

At first, you might think that the winds will blow the leaves out or the rain will wash them away. While this does happen, at least on a minor scale, your gutters are usually still filled with leaves, pine needles, dirt, and other types of debris that can build up into a huge wet mass that completely clogs your drains. When this happens, you begin to have problems that can destroy your home’s appearance as well as its structural integrity.

The water has to go somewhere. Since it can’t travel along the gutter, the water is going to splash onto your roof and framing. You might think that the water will simply slide off and fall onto the ground, but this isn’t the case. Your roof will become saturated with water during heavy rains, opening the opportunity for structural damage and staining. This type of situation also increases the likelihood that your gutters will pull away from your home, leading to necessary gutter repairs.

Saving Your Gutters through Leaf Guard Screening Installation

If you want to help save your gutters from falling apart, you might want to consider leaf guard screening installation. Designed to keep debris out of your gutters, screening can be installed on existing systems or along with new installations. It helps to eliminate the unpleasantness of climbing up your ladder several times a year to complete the dreaded task of gutter cleaning. Leaf guard screening prevents larger pieces of debris from getting into your gutters. It comes with easy-flow outlets that allow smaller particulates (silt, insects, and pine needles) to flow along the gutters and into the downspout, where it can be removed from the cleanout box that sits at the base of your system.

Never Overlook the Importance of Timely Gutter Repairs

It might sound corny, but the adage “a stitch in time saves nine” is one that truly holds value, not only for your time but for your wallet. A speedy repair on a faulty gutter can prevent more expensive problems from occurring. If you fix a leak as soon as you notice it, you can prevent water from getting into your home where it can cause discoloration and even worse, rotting of your home’s structural components.

In fact, if a leaking gutter is allowed to continue dripping, it can add to the moisture level surrounding your home’s foundation. A home that has high levels of moisture inside of it is more likely to develop mold and mildew, two unpleasant circumstances that can lead to odors as well as to respiratory illnesses. Excessive water also has a tendency to create erosion in the soil surrounding your home, which might possibly disrupt the beauty of your gardens and landscaping.

Of course, one must also consider the financial implications of allowing a minor gutter repair turn into a more serious problem. Smaller repairs simply cost less than bigger ones. Plus, you might be able to fix minor issues on your own, whereas a larger repair might require the services of a professional. Even if you call in someone who is skilled and trained to conduct gutter repairs, it will cost you less money if you do so before the problem gets worse.

Common Types of Gutter Repairs

If you haven’t needed a gutter repair until now, it’s likely that you are one of the homeowners who have taken the time to maintain their gutters regularly or your gutters have been recently installed. Even if you maintain your gutters through seasonal cleanings, eventually your gutters are going to experience minor problems due to normal wear and tear. Some of the more common types of repairs needed for gutters include:

  • Resealing the gutter to resolve leaking issues
  • Reattachment of the gutter to the home
  • Reattachment of the downpipe
  • Replacement of gutter sections that have experienced severe damage, including cracking and bending
  • New gutter installation for systems that are outdated and beyond repair

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