7 Top Natural Solutions for a Clean Home

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Chemical products are not necessary to maintain a clean home. Reduce the physical harm and allergies created by chemicals not regulated by the government by using the following simple ingredients to create a cleaning caddy with exceptional natural cleaners, deodorizers, and disinfectants.

Here are 7 of the top natural cleaning solutions you can use to maintain a clean home…

The 7 Natural Cleaning Base Products For A Clean Home

1. Baking Soda

This is a pantry staple and has many applications, including deodorizing, whitening, micro-scrubbing, and grease cutting. It also is an effective anti-virus and anti-bacterial. Please use caution, although it does not destroy items like bleach will, it can remove some dyes or be hard to remove from some fabrics. Baking soda is effective for getting stains out of cookware and glassware and is more effective at polishing dishes in a dishwasher than rinse aide, yet is gentle enough to wash hair and skin.

2. Castile Soap

This is a plant-oil based cleaner and it comes in both liquid and bar form. It uses zero animal products and chemicals or detergents. It cuts through any grease or stains and is safe and gentle for clothing, baby’s skin, hair, and even bathing animals. It has many anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. One single large bottle of Dr. Bonner’s concentrated castile soap lasts many months, only about a teaspoon is used in every liter of water for cleaning. Only about two tablespoons are needed for laundry, and it does not dry out clothing, it actually conditions them better than fabric softener.

3. Essential Oils

These have gained popularity for aromatherapy and should not be passed up for effective home cleaning. Not only do they effectively deodorize the home and work better at providing better home fragrances, they also have cleaning and disinfecting abilities. An essential oil kit along with an essential oil cleansing manual is essential for an allergy-free* and germ-free sparkling clean home. (*Some people may be allergic to some essential oils.)

4. Lemon Juice

This is best for fighting mold, mildew, and allergies. It is also effective for cutting through grease, soap scum, hard water stains, embedded counter stains, sink stains, grime, and bacteria and viruses. By blending a whole lemon in a blender with water an effective wood cleaner is produced with abilities to clean and shine furniture and wood floors.

5. Oils

Olive and coconut oils are effective for polishing and cleaning wood surfaces, pans, metal surfaces, and more. Put yourself on the track to having a clean home by utilizing olive and coconut oils.

6. Vinegar

This is nothing short of a miracle cleaner. Both white and apple cider vinegar have their uses, but skip the active kind with the mother. Bragg’s is better left on the dining table while the pasteurized and purified kinds make great all-purpose cleaners. Pet stains and odors be-gone, along with stains and odors caused by soap scum, bacteria, limescale, and molds. By mixing just a teaspoon of vinegar with a liter of water and a few drops of essential oils, a person can replace the pricy and allergy-inducing fabric sprays and room deodorizing aerosols too.

7. Water

From a base carrier product to an effective cleanser and deodorizer, water takes central stage in cleaning. Water is an effective base product for the above natural cleaners, diluting them to a usable and effective strength. At the same time, water can be used to deodorize and disinfect by boiling items or using it in a steam cleaner for amazing results.

A Word Of Caution

Not all of the products can be mixed together. For instance, when baking soda or castile soap is mixed with vinegar lemon juice they neutralize each other and become ineffective for nearly everything. However, effective cleaning means baking soda or castile soap can be used to wash and scrub and vinegar or lemon juice can be used to rinse and disinfect and deodorize.

Now you’ve got inside information on the best natural cleaning solutions to maintain your clean home – now go use them!

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